The Overseas Connection Podcast #88

Episode 88 - Houston we have a problem.

The Overseas Connection fails to connect with Skulduggerer after repeated drops and general voice quality issues from the land of Primrose. Do not fret though, as in true merc fashion, they soilder on. Join Murphys Law, Chin Chinny, BigBadDaddy, CPM1376 and Skulduggerer (sort of) as they talk up video gaming news of the week, community feedback, and new releases in their whacky sense of humor.

Topics Covered this week:

GT5, will it miss the holiday?
EMA v Calif. has its day in the Supreme Court.
360 start disc boot up issue to be fixed.
Namco sheds off some weight to the tune of 90 employees.
Next Need for Speed returing to Black Box.
SOCOM’s Slant Six team rumored to be working on RE Multiplayer.
PS3 Dragon Age Ultimate Edition, not so ultimate.
Sony denies new PSP, but says new PSP will be announced when time is right.
DirectTV gives G4TV the boot.
Nintendo says we don’t need no stinkin price cuts!

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