Give Kinect a Chance

One of the main reasons so many gamers are sceptical of Kinect is that it recalls the spectacular failure that was EyeToy. Released just a little over half-way through the PS2’s life-cycle, Sony pitched the EyeToy in much the same way as Microsoft is pitching Kinect – i.e., as a device that puts you in the game and lets you use your body as a controller. However, where Kinect and EyeToy differ is that the latter is a piece of crap, while the former is in fact rather swank.

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The_Con-Sept2483d ago

Nice spin. Not only do people ignore the Eye Toy but they poke fun at it too. Bottom line: Casual Conformity is not the answer Microsoft.

Christopher2482d ago

I don't recall Sony throwing half a billion dollars behind EyeToy...

Anyway, I don't need to give Kinect a chance. It has all the same issues that the EyeToy had for limited gaming options. Sure, a few games work well with it, but overall it's not going to replace the controller in the games that I play the most, which are 3rd person action adventure and RPGs.

Blacktric2482d ago

"...but overall it's not going to replace the controller in the games that I play the most, which are 3rd person action adventure and RPGs."

Microsoft never claimed such a thing. Sure there are ads all over saying "IT REVOLUTIONIZES GAMING" but its only for commercial purposes, nothing much. Even Aaron Greenberg, the guy most of us hate, admitted that they're going after casual crowd with Kinect and not the hardcore ones. But I'm afraid with that price tag, not many casual players will be able to afford it.

corneliuscrust2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Outside of a handful of games, I can barely find a use for mine. The video editor was decent, but they don't let you take a pic while you write messages. Without multitasking, that's pretty brutal. What good is a cam if you have to take pics before even writing the message?

On topic, I don't know if MS can successfully cram kinect down everyone's throats. We'll see how this plays out. Kinect does seem pretty weak, but they keep throwing money at it and people seem to cave easily to an onslaught of advertising :(

Christopher2482d ago

@Blacktric: Where in my post did I say that Microsoft did say such a thing? The point is, it does nothing to enhance my gaming. It might enhance the gaming of others, but not mine. I didn't say Microsoft said it would work for all genres of gaming, I just said it won't replace the controller in the games that I play.

nsnsmj2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

I don't think Eyetoy failed because it was bad, at that time. I think Sony just seem to drop the ball when it comes to marketing, which MS is very good at, and has money to throw behind.

I'm willing to bet that if MS didn't back Kinect with the marketing and promotion (especially Oprah, whom I really can't see owning a 360 lol), it would probably only fare a little better than the eyetoy and ps eye.

Blacktric2482d ago


I know that you didn't say it. But you're talking about Kinect like Microsoft made it for both casual and hardcore crowds in mind. It's not supposed to replace the controllers we use. It's just an addon that has exlusive "casual" games for it. Of course it's not going to make you drop your controller and play every game without it. It's just being promoted for casual market, not for us, hardcore gamers who likes playing TPS, FPS, RPG games. So it's perfectly reasonable for you to not like it.

darthv722482d ago

give kinect a chance, give wii a chance, give move a chance, give peace a chance...etc

Difference between eyetoy and kinect is support. It's one thing to bring out an add on and another to leave it lying there in agony.

Stop with all the eyetoy crap. It isnt about who did it first. It's about who can sell it better.

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n4gno2482d ago

New donkey blog's hard to understand that everybody can make a blog, site, and write that kind of crap ?

"spectacular failure" ? sure, they have sold millions and millions (without great games)

"piece of crap" ? lol, just check the tech, resolution, fps, are better than kinect (and ps eye is better)

raztad2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

I'm positively surprised by the tech behind kinect. Limbs tracking, 3D awareness. Thats some solid stuff right there.

However as it is stand right now the best Kinect can do is to serve as a high quality video cam, and in fitness/dancing games where you are told what to do and no the other way around. Interesting but rather limited concept w/o a proper controller.

On top of that kinect is 30fps introducing a massive lag from the get go, while the crappy PSEye runs at 60fps. Presenting MOVE users an almost lag-free experience.

In short, more advanced than the PSEYE but slower and sharing many of PSEye limitations. I dont see kinect revolutionizing gaming in any way.

visualb2482d ago

"However, where Kinect and EyeToy differ is that the latter is a piece of crap, while the former is in fact rather swank."

so professional and credible, I felt like I was reading a fantastic opinion piece written by a very concise and unbiased journalist /s


vhero2482d ago

Eyetoy is a piece of crap?? How does this stuff get approved?? But the same reason eyetoy failed is why this will. There is no market for it.. It will sell well for a while or while MS throw millions at it soon as they stop so will the sales.

tinybigman2482d ago

yea no i'm not spending a dime on something i have no interest in.

MazzingerZ2482d ago

Sure, if you give me 150 bucks I'll gladly do it.

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Bigpappy2483d ago

is give Kinect a chance.

While you had your heads in the sand, 5 Kinect games are in Amazon (US) top 100. Kinect and both bundles, all in the top 20. Kinectimals outselling Move 320 bundle. Every piece of Kinect hardware out selling anything "Move". Thgis is just 1 store in the US but it is still worth watching.

vulcanproject2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Why should anyone care, why should core gamers care that microsoft are selling casual games to casual gamers? Why should it be given a chance based on its sales as you touted here?

It should stand alone as a viable gaming technology before it is given a chance, not because it manages to shift units on launch to casuals near christmas....

Bring us the games that exploit this apparent potential and then it will be given a chance. Other technologies never fulfilled their potential, for whatever reason. Potential is all it has. Personally, i dont want to pay 130 pounds for something that might be decent in a year, or might be dead in the water in a year.

lowcarb2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

But maybe it is viable. Most of you are bashing it before even trying it which make your bashing come off as ignorant. Although similar this is a much more advanced device then Eyetoy or even Move.

"Personally, i don't want to pay 130 pounds for something that might be decent in a year, or might be dead in the water in a year."

The games are coming and no this is not the Wii.

Edit: I can't believe you got so many agrees. PS3 fanboys=sad excuse for gamers. Not calling you a fanboy either just talking about the people agreeing that simply don't like MS.

Jdoki2482d ago


I'll try it when MS launch a decent game for it.

Same thing with Move. No killer app = no purchase.

On one hand we have Sony fans claiming it's trash - and on the other 360 fans claiming it's amazing, but....

...the middle ground is that Kinect has flaws but is going to sell for the same reasons the Wii did (mass market appeal), and a big marketing push. As a gamer I need the games to be the defining factor - not the potential of the hardware, or the sales numbers.

I don't care if Kinect outsells Move. Cus until I see a game that appeals to me all I see is MS going for a casual market land grab rather than giving me games I want to play - and if this continues it will push me further away from the Xbox brand.

The only reason I cut Sony a little bit of slack over Move is that they've balanced casual with hardcore better.

theaceh2482d ago

"But maybe it is viable. Most of you are bashing it before even trying it which make your bashing come off as ignorant."

We have seen similar techs before (EyeToy) that have made us become PREJUDICE towards Kinect. And in this economy we MUST BE PREJUDICE because KINECT, as good as at may be, does not come cheap.

Pennywise2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

SALES!! WOOOHOOO FUN! More sales = more fun!!!!!

Who cares if it isnt fun to play or responsive. Who cares if the camera doesn't detect you most of the time or gives you problems calibrating. Who cares!! IT IS SELLING! WOOOOOOOOO

Please, give kinect a chance... pretty please. Sad.

lowcarb2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

But everybody is saying it's fun so fun plus sales equal a win win situation. Kinect is bringing the games and future tech not available anywhere but on 360. You go ahead and hate but you will never have an experience like Kinect offers until it comes in your TV,PC, or you buy a 360. This is the game changer so good luck hating. Kudos to MS bringing it and doing things the right way.

edit:trolling by the way

SonyOwnsNextYear2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

500 mill just burning away.

meanwhile, RARE, looks at its options. ;)

Mr_Bun2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

From your perspective, people seem to be doing more than just giving kinect a chance. Why the need for begging then?

I'm going to let the article slide for calling the eyetoy a "piece of crap" but I'd like to point out the need of this author to compare kinect to said "piece of crap". Is that what kinect is about...finding the worst in other products and claiming that "at least it ins't as bad as that"?

MorganX2482d ago

I really don't want or need motion control, even navigation, a controller or my universal remote (Logitech Harmony) works just fine with Xbox.

But the Sony fanboys desperation and idiotic comments in the "doesn't recognize dark people thread" along with the Japanese Sony Shills pi$$ing on Microsoft, and Sony Fanboys attitude towards Ninja Theory, have convinced me to support an American Product and Kinect, even though I have no use for it. I'm donating to the cause.

Buy American!

Mr_Bun2482d ago know where the parts for kinect were made, don't you?

MorganX2482d ago

They're made where most parts are made. Where they can be produced and manufactured cheaply. I only care where the profit goes.

Mr_Bun2482d ago

OMG dude. You are too funny. I was going to award you with the dumbest comment of the day but you just trumped it

seij5552482d ago

Our attitude towards NT has to do with the fact that they were repeatedly talking shit about the ps3 just because their games are mediocre and don't sell well.

Kewl_Kat2482d ago

If you're buying a kinect not for fun but just to piss off sony fanboys, then you're better off donating to charity. You're actually worse than the fanboys you hate. Wasting money for spite? And what are you talking about sony fanboys' attitude towards ninja theory? It was nt who started badmouthing sony. They complained about how sony was part of the reason why heavenly sword undersold. Well guess what, it turns out sony has nothing to do with it. The fact that their recent game, which is now multiplatform, undersold as well. Their problem, not sony's.

Pennywise2482d ago Show
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vulcanproject2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

It seems like it works just fine for navigation and such but honestly do you think its worth it just for that?? Back in the days of wired controllers that might be a much bigger deal, but with wireless totally standard these days its not really a big selling point for me.

''But maybe it is viable'' @ lowcarb

Operative word there being ''Maybe'' Im not saying it wont be, im saying it might be. Or it might not. Its that inconclusivity that should cause people to hold off stumping up now.

This is also followed by you claiming the games are coming. We'll see when/If they do wont we? I dont see anything on the near horizon, so the wait will continue until a killer app appears, gaming related. Because this is supposed to be for a games console right? All that motion menu stuff is an aside, not the main event. GAMES are what will define this as a success or a failure, whether you are casual, but especially core.

lowcarb2482d ago

Now here you make some good points and sure there is no reason to hype Kinect until we see some core games. My thing is why are any of us talking about it because it's obviously not aimed at us.

Dno2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

WOW! i never heard of that!!!!!!