Bad Company “a new stand-alone franchise” for EA

TVGB: "DICE’s squad-based, Battlefield-branded Bad Company series is now considered “a new stand-alone franchise” at mothership and publishing house EA."

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come_at_me_bro2671d ago

Cool. Now can you let DICE make a real Battlefield game?

deadreckoning6662671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Hm, this is very interesting news. Bad Company 2 is EASILY my multiplayer game of this generation and I thought that Battlefield 3 would be a more enhanced version of BC2. If Bad Company will become a stand alone franchise, then does that mean that destructability won't be present in Battlefield 3...since it was introduced in the "Bad Company" franchise?

Also, does that mean that the style of gameplay that BC2 had won't be present in BC3?

Pandamobile2671d ago

Battlefield 3 is a sequel to Battlefield 2, so I hope BF3 would be an enhanced version of BF2.

WildArmed2671d ago

I agree deadreck.

BC2 was the best FPS Mp experience I've had within the last 2 years.

Dice has too many things on it's plate to be honest.
(helping in pretty much every MP games.. Bad company, battlefield..) -- since BC and Battlefield are different franchises (apparently)

I think i was playing NFS demo and even that had DICE's name on it during the intro.

EA has alot of good devs under their hood.

Red_Orange_Juice2670d ago

Battlefield > Call of Duty
Bad Company > Modern Warfare

vickers5002670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Call of Duty 4 > Bad Company

Headquarters112667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

Who cares? Bad Company 2 maps are all shit and look the same. Boring game.

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visualb2670d ago

allows Battlefield to remain PC centric, yet also allowing console gamers to gain a similar (yet dubbed down and simplified) experience

Da_Evil_Monkey2670d ago

why is it always assumed that console gamers need 'simplified' experience, we're not all 12 year olds. We do actually have a brain. Why do devs think that they need to remove a server browser? Why do they think they need to not show your ping, or have stupid massive numbers showing us that we got points. I know I just got points, I just got a kill, you don't need to point it out to me!

P.S this rant is not directed at you visualb. your comment just reminded me about something I really hate in the gaming industry.

evrfighter2670d ago

"why is it always assumed that console gamers need 'simplified' experience, we're not all 12 year olds."

you don't seriously believe a real battlefield title can run on both toybox consoles do you?

sad if you do.

Da_Evil_Monkey2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

I presume when you say 'real' battlefield title, you mean Battlefield 2, 2142 etc.

1. when did I mention that in my comment

2. Yes I do actually, going by the system requirements for Battlefield 2; PS3 and Xbox 360 would run it fine with tweaking. Or if you were referring to a modern update to what you call the 'real' battlefield franchise, I believe that also could, as long as Dice manage to use the full extent of both consoles hardware.

bradlinho2670d ago

Whatever, it's all business bollocks. It won't change the quality of the games. It make no difference to anyone but marketing twats.

Quagmire2670d ago

Mirrors Edge 2 first, please, thank you.

Oh, and what about a new Battlefieled 2142? Is the original game any good? Worth picking up?

gamerdude1322670d ago

Yeah, 2142 was great! It was basically Battlefield, but in the future. So, yeah, it's worth picking up and should be pretty cheap now.

LumpsRGood2670d ago

Ugh... *another* FPS? Just make the things good, not more of the same. UGH! I say.

Pandamobile2670d ago

If you don't like FPS games, don't buy them.

It's fricking Battlefield, man. What other genre are you expecting?

Ju2670d ago

EA has a lot of shooters in their portfolio, I think:

BC, now MoH and Crysis(2). I am curious how they can manage to be successful with all three.

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