GamePro: Tell Us How You Really Feel: Are You Buying Kinect?

With Microsoft's motion-sensing accessory going on sale in a matter of hours, GamePro asked their Twitter followers to sound off on their anticipation level for the Kinect.

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lzim2790d ago

Not until there's direct PC support for it. Might be difficult without a dedicated PCIe card with a port for the camera and better sensors in it (version 2 or whatever).

committing money to play Kinect Adventures is ludicrous.

Nitrowolf22790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

what why?????
This was made for 360 not for PC why would MS waste their time making it capatable for PC if the point of it is to play games for it on 360 and other stuff on 360.
Plus what good use is it for PC at that price? Just saying you can get cheaper camera's, what are expecting Kinect games to come to PC also?

dredgewalker2789d ago

It was announced that it can be used for the pc. Though it's kinda doubtful since most pc setups are tight spaces and Kinect isn't meant for it.

Bereaver2789d ago

Actually, Microsoft mentioned PC support a long time ago before we knew much information about it.

OmarsAccount2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

There are enough games that will be released that seem interesting enough, along with the fact that my family will love it. Plus I love the concept to me, its nice to have some alternatives while gaming.

I wouldn't take Kinect as my main way of gaming since I like playing on a controller over motion control. But it still seems like an enjoyable experience, and most of the people complaining about it do not care for it because of automatic MS hate, or console loyalty. I can see why people can genuinely have distaste for it however , but its fault have been exaggerated quite a bit when compared to what it brings to the table IMO. Too many people just join in on the hating. It should be looked into deeply without biasness, because it could actually bring enjoyment; but it does have a hefty value that comes along with it, so you should be smart with your money. $150 is quite a bit.

-Alpha2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Well you can spend your money whatever way you want. I agree there is too much Kinect auto-bash, some people take pride in seeing it fail and mock those who say they will buy it, but I hope you get what you want of it. That's what matters most anyway.

Personally I never seem to buy products until I get a clear picture of how it looks like down the road. I gotta let this one sit in and simmer for a bit.

nintenflo2788d ago

I think that kinect defo has potential, its just for me personally at the moment there are no games i want for it so ill wait and see.

@ Alpha-male22 completely off topic but that dexter season 4 finale was fantastic, best episodes ever imo, the twist at the end i was screamin at the tv WTF!!!!

tinybigman2789d ago

No there's nothing of interest for me as i like playing core games.

joydestroy2789d ago

not buying it either.
i will if/when a game drops that i find interesting

EVILDEAD3602789d ago

Have Wii and Move and now I get to complete the trifecta w/ Kinect..

Just liked the Wii..all the pre-hate has reached an all-time new level..but at the end of the day it's going to stop a thing..

People are going to going to judge for themselves..

The Gamestop Kinect pre-order is in..but as for games

it looks like I'm going to pick up Kinect Sports, Motion Sports, and Kinectimals for the the youngins in the fam...

On the 18th I'll probably pick-up Game Party and Dance Central

These should be alot of fun for the family and friends at Thanksgiving..

Ultimately look forward to Child of Eden and Steel Battalion..

The launch line-up is as good as the rest of the motion line-up launches..

But I can't wait till Kinect hits Live Arcade..

I just want to play chess or Texas Hold-em using Kinect over that would be cool

But..for now I look forward to using it for movies and VideoKinect w/ Messenger


gaden_malak2789d ago

Geez all 3 motion controls? You sir, are a marvel.

As for Kinect, at this stage, I have no interest. In the future, depends on the games.

EVILDEAD3602789d ago

LOL..I don't know about being a 'marvel'

Let's face it everyone owns a Wii..

I'm well over a 100 games for the 360..and I own most of the big exclusives for the PS3..

But let's face..when family and friends come over..pulling out Halo Reach or Call of Duty just doesnt work for the non-gamers..

I love party and family games..

For the Wii..nothing comes close to Wii Bowling and my all-time favorite Boom Blox..not to mention the game shows like Deal or No Deal

I absolutely loved the Scene it games for the 360..and 'your in the Movies' would have been amazing if it would have worked as good as advertised

Similiarly..Buzz is actually pretty fun on the PS3

Sports Champions is easily the best game for Move right now..but 'Start the Party' is an ok party game too

Last year we had a blast playing using the wireless wheel and having people play Forza 3..and I looked forward to doing the same thing with GT5 (sucks)

But I honestly think it's going to be priceless this holiday to see me niece and all the young kids of family and friends interact with Kinectimals

But plaing bowling on Kinect Sports, Football on Motion Sports, and Darts on Game Party are the type of games that are great for parties..

Especially since Gutar Hero parties simply got old last year..

But to each their own..


karl2789d ago

definitely no

well at least for now.. i dont see nothing for me on kinects line up

ill wait.. maybe in a year they will release something more interesting.. for now its pure casual stuff

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NovusTerminus2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Sorry figured I would make the above poster right. XP

Nah I am not getting it though, no games that interest me just yet.

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