Renegade Kid just submitted “Spirit” to Nintendo for review

"Jools Watsham posted on his Twitter account today that Renegade Kid just submitted a new game entitled “Spirit” to Nintendo."

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allysaurus872790d ago

I hope it's for Wii because these guys are talented on DS so it'd be interesting to see how an FPS would work from them with some more horsepower.

DonkeyKingKong332790d ago

I'm surprised that they still haven't make a Wii game yet or have they and I can't think of it?

darkcharizard2788d ago

No they haven't, and I hope this is the first one!

GodzillaOwns2790d ago

If the game is going to target a different audience does that mean more likely that it will be Wii and not DS? Or as in "not a first person shooter" but a party game? I hope it's the former.

ManfredLamchop2790d ago

I don't think they would ever capitalize on making a party game but you never know. Hopefully it's still an FPS to some degree and on Wii. With Goldeneye 007 being awesome and Conduit 2 looking good not to mention Grinder maybe..Wii is getting some decent support finally with this genre. Keep them coming.

Sun_e2789d ago

Hopefully they do keep the games coming.

ManfredLamchop2790d ago

2nd thought: could be a 3DS title actually.

OldSchoolGamer32790d ago

these guys made moon and dementium which are two of ds' best fps games but expanding past your usual genres and succeeding is what makes a good developer a great one. i say make something all new altogether.

DonkeyKingKong332790d ago

How long does it take for Nintendo or any company to get back to them/a developer pitching a project?

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The story is too old to be commented.