The History of the Uncanny Valley

Partway through the latest Medal of Honor game, you nearly die in an ambush. Your AI buddy saves you, then helps you to your feet. It should be a poignant moment; instead it's chilling, because his eyes are completely lifeless.

Or, you're playing Mass Effect 2, engaged in a serious conversation with one of your crewmates. Except that you can't take it seriously, because you keep staring at his teeth. There's something terribly wrong with his teeth.

Welcome to the Uncanny Valley.

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SkyCrawler2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

I think it does indeed depend on the emotions and mannerisms that could make or break the appearance of any cgi model. Whenever people feel uncomfortable and uneasy when seeing such things it comes to the conclusion that there's a fear of death. I know its hard to grasp but I could write an essay on this XD.

This pic oozes uncanny valley mainly because of its realistic features and lack of emotion.