Gameroni review: Deadly Premonition

Lewis Denby writes: "In Greenvale, the rural town at the heart of Deadly Premonition’s mystery, no one goes outside when it rains. You don’t know why to begin with, and it’s only when you make a trip into town to grab supplies or a bite to eat that you start to notice. Shops pull down their shutters, restaurants close, and everyone retreats to the safety of their houses. You notice because it’s a massive inconvenience to the unprepared: in Greenvale, it’s always bloody raining."

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Raider692727d ago

One of the best reviews i have seen in a long time!5*

dgroundwater2726d ago

Despite the ending score, he still makes all the key points people should know. I can respect him for scoring it this way because he still subtly recommends it ;)

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