GameTrailers - GoldenEye 007 Review

Can the magic of GoldenEye live twice? We put Eurocom's Wii remake to the test!

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Rrobba2818d ago

This game looks great IMO.

Rampaged Death2818d ago

This could very well be the surprise of 2010.

turok2818d ago

... until Conduit 2 comes out.

EvilTwin2818d ago

I'm on the fence with this one. Some reviews barely mention any framerate problems, and others say the opposite.

This, COD:BO and Con2 make for a crowded field. I'm not buying three FPS.

Rrobba2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

No Kinectimals got 0.1 lower. Still thats too close for my liking.

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