Nintendo: Microsoft and Sony are playing 'Follow the Leader'

A new era of motion control gaming kicks of tomorrow, November 4th of 2010, as Microsoft releases its Kinect system. Kinect takes a novel new approach to motion-controlled video gaming by eliminating handheld controllers altogether and instead relying on the player's body to literally become the controller. Roughly a month ago, rival company Sony released its own motion control system in what's known as PlayStation Move, which uses a more conventional handheld controller scheme coupled with a small video camera that tracks the movements of players and the PS Move controllers.

Both of these, however, had been beaten to the punch by Nintendo which made the gamble with a fully motion-controlled home gaming console when the Wii was released on November 19th of 2006 -- a fact that Nintendo isn't shy to point out.

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MeatPopsicle2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Nintendo should be more worried about their falling Wii sales.

Sony started work on their motion controls way back in the PS2 days. The PS2 had its Eye Toy motion controls long before the Wii was released. And the Move also goes all the way back to pre-Wii days, it just too longer for Sony to finish perfecting. From the constant talk of how incredibly accurate Move is and how it is what the Wiimote should have been, it clearly paid off for all those years of work for Sony.

deadreckoning6662485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

They have the 3DS coming out in NA early next year...between Nintendo, Sony, and M$, Nintendo has the least to worry about. As far as commercial success, Nintendo will be the leader on the console and portable front for a very long time.

"i'm no fan of nintendo but frankly the copycatting by ms and sony is shameless and kinda sad."

Agreed..but at least Move isn't affecting the crapton of first-party games coming out on the PS3 next year. Microsoft will most likely use the profit they get from Kinect and XBL Gold subscriptions to get permanent exclusivity of the COD franchise. Its the only way I see them having success in 2011 on the hardcore front.

Gears 3 is a helluva franchise..but if the same gamers who play Gears see Uncharted 3, then Microsoft is gunna have some problems. Sony needs to spend more on its marketing. Their exclusives, for the most part, are unquestionably great...but if no one knows about them...

MeatPopsicle2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

"Sony needs to spend more on its marketing."

The PS3 is the third fastest selling console in history. Is outselling the Wii 2 to 1 in Japan right now. Dumped the 360 into last place in both Japan and Europe a long time ago. And is just a few hundred thousand consoles away from dumping the 360 into last place in worldwide installed base.

All while the PS3 has been the most expensive console in history and still is 300 dollars, the launch price of the PS2.

Sounds like Sony's marketing is doing an amazing job.

Every gen a console company has some old franchises die or fall out of popularity while new one are created and have future in coming generations. Nintendo really is potentially in trouble outside of their core franchises. There really aren't the major third party franchises that existing Wii owners are looking forward to in a next gen Nintendo console. Perhaps Nintendo will pull another rabbit out of their hat with another console that pulls off another Wii style surprise hit. But if all they have if an HD Wii they are in serious trouble next gen.

I really want to play a real next gen 1080p 3D Mario game with a normal controller.

NecrumSlavery2485d ago

Well thanks for following 3D there Nintendo.

Skip_Bayless2485d ago

When "push comes to shove" Nintendo is going to wane. They're using an outdated forumla that consists of old mascots and not really changing anything. As the adoption of HDTV and online gaming rises Nintendo's business will wane because they will struggle to adapt. That is where the money is being made the online DLC and software sales. The few Nintendo games that are selling like crazy are killing the competition in the Wii library. 3rd party developers don't want to make a game that's not going to sell well and not going to have recognition of being a great game. And this is about the console front.

On the handheld side of things Nintendo has that locked down.

darthv722485d ago

I will agree with you on the development of the ps2 motion controls. Problem with that back then was they couldnt sell it. The camera was never given the right marketing team to really make it a must have item.

The old phrase from the movie field of dreams sums it up. If you build it, they will come. Well, for sony, if they build it, market it, support it, get others to support it then they will come.

In business, it isnt about who did it first. It's about who can sell it better. You can tell everyone in the world that kinect is a next gen eyetoy but it wont matter. It is getting the marketing and support and that is what i think most sony fans are REALLY upset about.

It is like a political race. The one who throws the most money into the campaign generally has a better shot of winning. Not ALWAYS the case but you get the idea.

A smear campaign of old eyetoy footage to show that kinect is no better....maybe they should have started sooner cause it looks like it isnt working.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2485d ago

Hasn't Sony been working on the Move since early 2000? And wasn't there video demonstrating this first rough draft?

"Research on the PlayStation Move began as early as 2001"

Immortal3212485d ago

to dish out some of the most inspiring games, so the other 2 can follow.

come on nintendo Im counting on you.

badz1492485d ago

wanna piece of the lime lights there, aren't ya? with MOVE and Kinect on front page of almost all gaming sites at the moment and Wii sales falling, price for the upcoming 3DS and then posting loss quarter after a run of profit ones...I think I can understand that. the "it prints money" joke is over now ha?

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Shaman2485d ago

Agreed.But at the same time,lets be honest.Nintendo is a leader,undisputed leader of gaming industry since its birth,when you think of gaming you think of Nintendo and when you think about kinect and move you think,Wii HD :)

Nathaniel_Drake2485d ago

"undisputed leader of gaming industry since its birth"???

Am I crazy but didn't Sony release two platforms called I don't know PS one and PS2, where was Nintendo at the time the leader in gaming??

Please, Nintendo crapped the big one whenever PSone and PS2 were released against their N64 and Gamecube. They just now this gen became the leaders

sharif6992485d ago

Nintendo is not the all time leader

turok2485d ago

say wut u will but the undisputed fact is the best game of all time is one of the nintendo exclusives. no need to say more. and its release was during the ps1 years

DigitalAnalog2485d ago

Nintendo spearheaded the gaming industry to a "world-wide" phenomena.


Gaming leader? Not since the NES/SNES days. Mediocre hardcore game sales is living proof that 80 million consoles can't get proper support from Top-tier publishers.

-End statement

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Gen0ne2485d ago

It's kinda true. Nintendo did in fact blaze this trail 1st. Yes, I know Sony had been working on their own prior, but Nintendo beat them to the punch. That took some real balls on their part. 1st ones to jump in the pool, only to turn around and say to the others,"The water's great!" Now if they would only do something about that SERIOUSLY dated Wii tech...

big_silky2485d ago

nintendo made a metric crap-ton of profit, i'm sure they couldn't care less.

i'm no fan of nintendo but frankly the copycatting by ms and sony is shameless and kinda sad.

Neckbear2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

If Sony developed said tech oh-so-many-years-ago, then why didn't they release it? Aside from the EyeToy, of course, wich I may add was a failure in my book.

Oh, they're releasing it now because Nintendo was successful with it.

They ARE playing "follow the leader".

Shaman2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Of course they are.There is nothing wrong with that,whats wrong is the constant Sonys and MS "bashing" of Wii and Nin couple years ago.Give credit where credit is duo,show respect and no body will even care about "following a leader" but MS and Sony made mistake about it,now changed their mind when they saw it worked for Nintendo and now people are butthurth trying to defend them.

Its like in following the tech...Everybody is following the leaders(Germany,Japan and USA) but no body is really playing smart about it so nobody cares :)

CharlesDCI2485d ago

Because the PS2 wasn't powerful enough to do what Sony wanted with motion control. Selling a lot of consoles doesn't mean you lead anything, especially when people hardly play the games on your console.

Seferoth752485d ago

"Selling a lot of consoles doesn't mean you lead anything, "Had to lol at the noob comment..

Of course it means something kid, that is how Sony won the last two gens. Idiots like you really need to either stfu or get some knowledge of gaming history before opening your mouth.

Sony gamers once again showing their ignorance.

GCNSeanFoster2485d ago

Nintendo had the balls to release the technology, and in the process change the face of gaming. People laughed at the Wii, yet its been kicking both Sony and Microsoft's butt since day one.

Also, people need to do their homework when blabbing about the Move being in development since 2001 and posting "Wikipedia" sources... The Wii was conceived in 2001 as well... And here is the source...


I laugh at the people on here bashing Nintendo. If anything you can thank Nintendo for reviving videogames with the NES...

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visualb2485d ago

someone's always leads.

to see this as a bad thing is silly.

true though

Blacktric2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

" The PS2 had its Eye Toy motion controls long before the Wii was released"

No buttons, like most of you are saying for Kinect.

"And the Move also goes all the way back to pre-Wii days, it just too longer for Sony to finish perfecting."

You mean that super simple tech demo made with EyeToy way back in the beginning of 2000's?

Accuracy doesn't mean anything to most gamers out there, "as long as" developers can make innovative and great games. Besides, Wii Motion Plus is nearly as good as Move and considering the Wii's library and price, it beats Move in "nearly" every area. Maybe Wii can't produce graphics like PS3 can but there are tons of games from first party developers, there are sequels for old games that keeps coming out for die hard Nintendo fans, there are also tons of WiiWare and Classic Nintendo/Sega games on Wii Shop, etc. Don't try to compare a newly released "add on" with a 4 year old console that costs only 200 dollars and has tons of games.

Edit: If you are gonna disagree, please do share with us why?.

Edit 2 for below: So you mean games like Kirby's Epic Yarn, Epic Mickey, Conduit 2, Zelda Skyward Swords is for kids? Then Borderlands is for kids, because its graphics are cartoonish. This is why you said "newer" games are for kids right? Thinking that Legend Of Zelda, a franchise that's been around for 25 years is for kids just makes me wanna LMAO all day long.

shoddy2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

It's the quality.

Nintendo games should not be the leader in gaming industry.
It's just for kids.

Neckbear2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

"Nintendo never games should not be the leader in gaming industry.
It's just for kids."

Now this is where you go wrong.

"Mature" games don't equal "Hardcore" games.

Kirby's Epic Yarn is an enjoyable, fun game. No, it doesn't has tons of blood and gore, but I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed Vanquish, both games being close to the best experiences I've had this year.

Guns and gore =/= Hardcore game.

If you seriously think about it otherwise, god, stop being such a kid and grow up. Nobody will judge you and say OMG DATS 4 KIDZ I PLAY HALO/COD/KILLZONE INSTEAD BRAH IMA H4RC0R3 GEYMERZ or something of the likes.

Remember, videogames are just that, games. Be childish-looking or not, a fun game is a fun game.

SactoGamer2485d ago

I thought Trix were for kids.

SkylineR2485d ago

Wow, the old Sony fanboy insult from the PS1/2 days. I see it hasn't died yet.

Pathetic really.

If you're sad enough to not give games like Zelda, Smash Brothers or Metroid a go because they're "for kids", then you have no clue about games nor should you call yourself a gamer. All those franchises have amazing quality values too.

shoddy2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

I feel gay owning a Wii for myself.

when I was younger I'm a Nintendo fan.
NES is my first game system.
I'm a fan of Link, Metroid, Mario crew, donky kong crew and so on.

That's just my child hood.

Blacktric2485d ago

You feel "gay"? Hahhaha oh my God. These mindless idiots were first attacking Xbox 360, then Wii and now homosexuals? You guys are seriously funny. In a silly and pathetic way.

shoddy2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

not attacking anyone. I'm cool with gay people.
you brought it up yourself.

my opinion.

chill out raging gay fanboy.

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Cold 20002485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

So you are implying that Sony would have launched the Move anyway even if the Wii never existed ?? That it was already all planned by Sony ? Oh please...

MinskyM2485d ago

Yes. Sony spent the last decade working on their Move technology just not release it...

Nintendo obviously made Sony go back in time...