'Bioshock' challenges 'Halo' for best first-person shooter


"Originality is king in this fresh take on a first person shooter. In the game you play a man who survives a plane crash in the ocean and discovers a gateway into an industrial underwater metropolis.

The visuals are amazing. It sounds silly, but the graphics on the Xbox 360 really make you feel like you are in the game. With the cinematic music playing in the background and the ability to control where you look at all times, it just adds to an amazing gaming experience.
Throughout the game you learn more and more about the city and your character. The mystery in it all is very appealing and makes it impossible to put down."

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TriggerHappy4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

BioShock was an unproven IP, but after it's sucess,it is definately proving and it's sequel will be highly anticipated.

Halo series have been a proven IP since its first debut on the original Xbox. However, I think Microsoft is over stretching the IP now.

As gamers get ready to embrace the third sequel in the series, Halo wars prepares for a 2008 spring release. Halo mountain Dew, Halo Xbox 360. Too many franchises already.

If I had to pick beyween Bioshock and halo though, I would definitely pick BioShock

rubarb234122d ago

are you picking bioshock over halo 3 because ms has over stretched halo 3? or because you feel bioshock is a better game than halo 3? personally i love the halo series to death dude, but man bioshock is..... well sh!t i don't know - amazing!? but even saying that is not doing the game justice. i don't know which one will come out on top this year, but i love the fact that us 360 owners have these amazing games to choose from.

i Shank u4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

in response to your comment about MS over stretching the Halo IP; its been 6 years, with 3 halo games(01', 04', 07') its taken how many years for sony to make how many god of war games? (05', 07', 08' chains of olympus) or how many years to make how many ratchet and clank games(almost 1 per year i believe)? what about metal gear, with its spin offs Ac!d, portable ops, and substance versions of MGS 2 and 3?there are plenty of better examples for over stretching an IP then halo, and even then i dont think its been overstretched; it's MS's flagship title, like Mario is for nintendo. the fact that halo hasn't nearly reached mario-like explotation status (mario kart, mario party, mario strikers, mario paint, dr. mario, etc.) pokes a pretty big hole in your argument

JsonHenry4122d ago

IMO... Halo was never anything great. Period. It was a decent shooter on a console that needed something decent. But it was NOT great. Especially not since people had been playing Deus Ex, Half-Life, Doom, and other greats for YEARS before Halo ever released.

The real reason that Halo shined like it did was because of a pretty damn well polished multiplayer component. Bioshock has no multiplayer so to compare the two you must compare single player only.

And I don't think that very many people could honestly argue that Halo has a better single player experience than Bioshock.

marionz4122d ago

i love bioshock, but aslong as halo doesnt come out with half the bugs bioshock has ill be happy, anyone else sick of the texture popup? it kills the mood of bioshock, if it wasnt for that i would have expected it to be game of the year
problems like this are so last gen and we shouldnt have to put up with it

Dr Pepper4122d ago

@ marionz

The "texture popup" that you noticed was also in Halo 2, Gears, etc. It is kind of annoying...

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P4KY B4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

COD4 might just step up and beat them both.

Or maybe even Team Fortress 2. How good does that game look?

TriggerHappy4122d ago

Yeah you right, COD4 looks amazing graphically, it looks way better than both BioShock and Halo 3. But because COD3 was a disappointment to a certain point, some gamers will be skeptical about this new one as . I just hope Ifinity Ward gets is right.

jay34122d ago

Infinity Ward did CoD2 which was amazing, then they were working on Modern Warfare the whole time the other devs, can't remember who, were doing CoD3.

CoD4 will be more like 2, and that is assured awesome. However i don't see CoD being Game Of The Year.

i Shank u4122d ago

Treyarch did COD 3 (they've done ports of tony hawk games and they make the spiderman games) , so i hope no one factors that in when considering COD 4; that and COD 1 and 2 are made by infinity ward, ex-members of the Medal Of Honor teams (when MoH was still a good series)

SuicidalTendencies4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

It's only going on it's third game from last gen to this gen. Just because there is a Halo mountain dew or Halo 360 doesn't make it overstretched. Both of those products are limited and are just to promote the release of Halo 3. I do agree that Metal Gear Solid is overstretched. They released 6 different Metal Gear games last gen on 3 different systems. Now that is overstretched.

PS-Wii-604122d ago

but, more so, from milking the brand name and using it to sell consumer products that are completely unrelated. For sure Halo (and many others) fall into this category.

Also, comparing it to the re-release of the same MGS game on different consoles just isn't valid. I say this because it was consumer feedback that demanded the game on their consoles of choice, or are you saying tens of thousands of fans are screaming for "Halo" Mountain Dew.

Here's a perfect example of what I feel is "overstretching" an IP:


WTF?! I see that and have to shake my head in disbelief.
If you can look at that and NOT understand how M$ is milking the franchise then, I can only say: You're exactly the type of person M$ is banking on.

tplarkin74122d ago

Halo 3 is not "over-stretching" the IP. Mario Party 8 is.

deepio4122d ago

Personally I think Bioshock and Halo 3 are two very different types of games dispite their FPS appearance.

i Shank u4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

halo's unique; an FPS/Bunny-Hop simulator. where else you gonna get that?

Bullseye4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

Halo is the greater, so far! However, if your console can play both, then you have the greatest.Rapture, indeed.

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