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Welcome to New Vegas, where you play as a courier, and dig your own grave before being shot in the head and left for dead. Battle your way across the Mojave Wasteland, in the Vegas Strip, and the Hoover Dam to get answers... Introducing wide range of new characters, power-hungry factions, special weapons (most are moddable,) mutated creatures, and much more. Choose sides in the upcoming war, or declare “everyone for themselves,” and rule all of New Vegas.

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TheXgamerLive2815d ago

this review was based on someone who obviously doesn't know the fallout series or hell video games in general.

read it and see.

Deadyeti2815d ago

I am always up for constructive criticism, but keep in mind: 1. It was approved; 2. This is my first submission; and 3. Why post that, and not explain yourself on why you came up with that assumption?