New games tantalize ahead of holidays

The summer dry spell for video games came to an end last week with the arrival of "BioShock," the creepy underwater shooter that has won rave reviews and flown off store shelves.

The main bulk of important games this year won't come out until November, but the next month or two will see the release of quite a few other hot games. These aren't necessarily "system sellers" -- games that are so good that consumers will buy a particular video game console just to play them -- but give potential customers a few more reasons to eventually take the plunge.

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TriggerHappy4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

Agree with that part of the article somewhat, but these are new IP's, well except Halo 3 and maybe Metroid, we don't know for a fact if they are or aren't system sellers. Only time will tell.

MK_Red4125d ago

How can Halo 3 not be a system seller? The same goes for Metroid Prime 3. Also, Warhawk is already helping PS3 sales.

ktchong4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

I don't think Warhawk is helping PS3 sales; the 8 free Blu-rays are (at Amazon.)

trane074125d ago

How would you know what is helping ps3's sales. Answer is you don't. This could be the game some people are waiting to buy a ps3 for. So don't say that a game can't do it but 5 movies can when you don't have the kind of info to back up that wholly ignorant assessment.

Foliage4125d ago

Why do people assume sales represent all console sales?

Odiah4125d ago

That's a little unfair on Metroid seeing as how it has been decribed as having the best FPS controls on a console so far.

Rooftrellen4125d ago

Ok, so Bioshock is great. The story line is a bit cliche, the graphics are really good, but not great, and it has no multiplayer, but it is a wonderful all around experiance.

MP3 is a different story. It doesn't really break any new ground, in spite of setting a new standard for FPS controls and having a story you don't really see anywhere else. And its too confusing to have to point and click to shoot, so it takes longer to learn than a FPS with standard, hard to get used to controls, and it has no multiplayer, which just ruins it.

Err..what!? MP3 may or may not be better than Bioshock, but its certainly easier to learn, and breaks new ground in controls and story, making it better than Bioshock in those areas, and neither has multiplayer. I'd say its up to preferance which is better, but don't talk up Bioshock and shoot down MP3 for things it does as well or better.

Then again, it seems biased against Nintendo anyway, I suppose, considering September will have a little something for everyone (I'm looking forward to Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire, personally) so pick something and go with it.

October brings Bleach, right at the start. That's going to be an awesome game, like the anime or not.

The only game they mention for the Wii, they say is no good. It seems the hate just never stops.