Dance Central Flash Mob Takes Over Times Square

During a Kinect launch event, an army of dancers took over Times Square in New York to play Harmonix's launch title Dance Central. Looks like a pretty crazy scene.

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Omega42756d ago

Now that is how you launch a motion controller.

Cratos87802756d ago

Now that is how you launch a motion controller.... with a dancing game. LOL!

MinskyM2756d ago

Can you imagine the reaction you would have gotten 5 years ago from Xbox owners if they knew five years from now Microsoft's big holiday console event was eye toy style motion controls, Bungie out of Microsoft and only 3 first party studios.

mintaro2756d ago

What better way to showcase movement than with dance?

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Lets get this out of the way. For the people that don't know 42st is always that packed. No all those people did not show up just for Kinect.

ct032756d ago

So many butthurt $ony people everywhere, it's annoying.

karl2756d ago

dance central doesnt show u moving.. and no character from the game mimic your movements...

u have to mimic theirs.. so its like the game is the controller and u are the game.. or something like that

who knows what they were thinking....

gtsentry2756d ago

all of sony people are dying to look retarded in front the screen playing kinect while a frend of ours most likely records it n posts it on the internet lol

number472756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

MinskyM + 1h ago
Can you imagine the reaction you would have gotten 5 years ago from Xbox owners if they knew five years from now Microsoft's big holiday console event was eye toy style motion controls, Bungie out of Microsoft and only 3 first party studios.

I wish I could give you 10000 bubbles. I never thought the day would be here to where bots are going ga-ga over an ADD-ON to a console... which doesn't play halo.

Hell's frozen over.


So it was ok to call Wii 'not a real console' since it was dominating the casual market all this time, that the games were for kids & soccer moms...

but tonight on Oprah...? So hilarious to see Microsoft totally turn casual 500 million dollars worth, so now all the halo kids will be cursing out others while playing dance central? This generation is hilarious.

Fact is this, Microsoft has muppets like Omega & others that will buy MS anything no matter what. Well everything except AAA exclusives.. but thats not the point...

2756d ago
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Godmars2902756d ago

Though those were televised on MTV. Maybe when MTV was even showing music.

LordMarius2756d ago

Now that is how you waste money instead of making AAA games


Cold 20002756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Fable 3, Alan Wake, SC:Conviction, ME2, Halo Reach and Crackdown 2 all this year on the 360 thanx to MS's cash. Dont worry boy, theres enough to go around.

@people below: So I guess the PS3 has had only ONE AAA title this year: GOW3. According to your definition of "AAA". Damn, thats pretty thin for a console that supposedly has gazillions of AAA every year!

air1_got_raped2756d ago

all mediocre titles...Except for Reach.

LordMarius2756d ago

I said AAA games, the only one you listed was Halo Reach which is the only thing my 360 will have until Gears of War thanks to... wait for it... Kinect

heyheyhey12756d ago

SCC, alan wake, SC:C and crackdown two all which are not AAA games - metascores below 90. That's a fact. Whether they're good or not is an opinion.

shazui1232756d ago

@ COLD 2000 : So you're saying 1 AAA exclusive a year is thin even though the 360 only has 1 AAA exclusive this year? LMAO! don't forget that the ps3 has had more AAA exclusives than the 360 for the last 3 years and that LBP2 and GT5 (both almost definitely AAA games) are yet to come out, which would give the PS3 3 AAA games in 2010 and the 360 one

alb18992756d ago

That's why you are rich and Microsoft poor because you know so much about market.

Jaces2756d ago

Fable 3 = 80
Alan Wake = 83
Splinter Cell: Conviction = 83
Crackdown 2 = 70
Halo Reach = 91
ME2 = 96

Wow, so only two AAA games for 360 this whole year? Nice, oops..forgot to add that ME2 is no longer exclusive so it's down to 1...same as PS3. Crackdown 2 was a joke, Splinter Cell was a letdown, Alan Wake was good but on the repetitive side, and Fable 3....I gave up around Fable 2 and the reviews aren't showing much promise for the 3rd so I'll wait for a price drop.

Funny how that works huh? You had all these "amazing" exclusives only to be stripped down for what they really are...mediocre games that rode the hype train all the way to town.

Besides, the lineup for next year is looking about that 360...? Gears annnd....?

If you want to troll, do it right and don't make yourself look like a fool more so than what you already are. ;)

shazui1232756d ago

@ jaces: ME2 is multiplat; on the PC as well. Also soon to be released on ps3 so its not a 360 exclusive

beardpapa2756d ago

sorry cold. I only enjoyed ME2 and Reach this year. Fable 3 is bad. I can't help myself to continue it and Fable 2 was better. SCC was short worth a rental. AW was ok not my style of game. Don't care for CD2 either.

Put it frankly, only ME2 and Reach were the heavy hitters this year for the 360.

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PimpHandHappy2756d ago

you really cant call it a controller

gigaware2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Kinect will be huge. It will replace Wii's in:

*Assisted Living Communities
*Office building(offices)
*Retirement Homes
*Health Centers
*Fitness, low level use in other businesses

Kinect will blow up in new places like:

-Night Clubs
-Daycare centers

Dance Central will be a system seller for both Kinect and the Xbox 360 for sure.

MajesticBeast2756d ago

Your on crack cause unlike the wii kinect doesnt work.

Domer252756d ago

The commuters don't seem to happy. "dance, dance, dance" your ass is missing dinner.

tinybigman2756d ago

wow is all i can say. i don't think any diehard kinect defender here can honestly give me a valid reason to get this camera that has nothing of interest for me.

and i dont want to hear about me being a fanboy because i own all 3 systems. i want someone to give me a truly honest reason for getting this camera.

one more thing more of my systems have shovelware in their collection. so again give me a gooooooooooooooooooooooooood
reason to waste my money.

ArcFatalix2756d ago

sony spent on exclusives thanks

EvilBlackCat2756d ago

i really dont care about motion cotrollers but some people around here have a huge pain in the azz. lol!!!

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Dark3602756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Agree with you...Sony Marketing Team watch and learn...LOL

STiRacer2756d ago

------------------------------ ------------------------------- ------------------

electricshadow2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Aren't commercials part of the marketing division?

Imperator2756d ago

The Move has sold nearly 3 million WW without any major ad campaign. I think that's a lot more impressive than MS' approach.

Applegate2756d ago

LOL you beat me to it. And its funny you're getting disagrees. So now they're disagreeing with Sony themselves since they are the ones who said shipped lmao.

Denethor_II2756d ago

What games are you going to play first? I like the one where you scan the skateboard in. Oh wait was that real or not? Oh well there's always skittles

2756d ago
badz1492756d ago

but just sold like 2 mil. OK, lets stuff the channel with unsold MOVE! like 1 mil of them /s

I see none of the troll above learns marketing at all! I don't think Sony even spent USD10mil for marketing MOVE, do you really think they will spend a lot more just to make more MOVE and stuff channels so they can inflate the sale numbers? retailers aren't THAT stupid either. they don't buy from Sony if no one buys from them!

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gtsentry2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

@dark360.your right,sony shouldve followed microsoft in marketing the move..they wouldve sold alot more than the millions they already did sell.

jwk942756d ago

I kind of agree with this statement, but if that had happened then they wouldn't have been able to use that money for more games, so im not really complaining.

Seijoru2756d ago

Sony doesn't feel like spending 500 million dollars just to sell 2 million extra.

MajesticBeast2756d ago

I know right who needs games like infamous2,lbp2,socom 4,TLG,GT5,KZ3 and motorstorm AP when you have a 500million ad campaign kinect shovelware and gears 3 for next year /S

wat6342756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Actually you are right. Socom IS crap, Need for speed is gonna kick arse, killzone 3 offers nothing new, infamous was boring.

the only good game outta there is lbp2.

Anyway, that video is a beautiful sight to see.

MajesticBeast2756d ago

You 360 fangirls get more delusional every year its becoming sad to see.

BillOreilly2756d ago

lmao really? The 360 has twice the games the ps3 has. We had Metro 2033, Divinity 2, Risen, Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell, Halo Reach, Fable 3, Crackdown 2, 99 Nights 2, Dlc, Live games like limbo exc, like 15 kinect games. You played god of war 3 this year and kung fu rider lol.. I see why your bitter. I feel sorry for you waiting five years for gt5 and ff13 oops...sorry i forgot.

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-X-2756d ago

LOL..Sony seriously need to take looks like a god damn really is going all out with this.


Nathaniel_Drake2756d ago

That's the thing it is all or nothing for MS, they are trying to show the investors there is still value in the 360 otherwise they will shut down the division.

If you are desperate enough you will go to these lengths, and MS is dripping with desperation.

MajesticBeast2756d ago

Pretty much the entertainment division is on the chopping block atm and kinect will determine if we will see a new xbox.

-X-2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Microsoft knows that if they can put Kinect in a lot of peoples homes they will get a HUGE jump start on the next generation. Desperate it is but, its business. Microsoft probably has BIG plans if Kinect takes off well. Like Kinect for PC, and for developers so they can animate easier or something like that.

And if this fails.....well I cant really see what would happen. The whole world will stop, and Microsofts game division will drop. I think it would be INSANE if Kinect the near future you will see the definition of epic fail in the dictionary.

Epic Fail: Kinect

8thnightvolley2756d ago

alot of butt hurt ps3 fannies .. are seriously going to loose it.. then to top it up with the sales that is going to explode with anger and frustration...

boy this is some IMAX 3D shyt.. i am soo gettin my pop corn and laughing ... BUAHAH.. lool.

dtrain212756d ago

Feel sorry for PS3 fanboys. Makes u wanna get one huh fanboys ?

air12756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )


nah, they still wouldnt want it. they are hardcore to the bone!

i was being sarcastic

i had to fix that im getting agrees and im not sure if its the sony cheer camp thinking that they really are hardcore. sorry for the confusion ppl..

gtsentry2756d ago

not really,ill be too busy playin black ops next week..wont have time to play kinectimals and dance central

Denethor_II2756d ago

I was gonna knock away a few red balls instead

VenomProject2756d ago

HA! Thanks for that laugh, bro.

8thnightvolley2756d ago

dont say that man.. they are already close to the edge any teasing they will jump off the cliff

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wat6342756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Damn! Wish I could be there, man.

Microsoft knows what their doing!!! THIS IS GONNA BE HUGE!!!

@air - eh my bad, couldn't tell out of the happiness thats coming out of my heart right now.

@afro - i said the same looking at the measly 1-2 people buying move at my nearest gamestop, lol.