Kinect launch in New York City hots up, photos from the event included

El33tonline writes:

"Tonight at midnight, Microsoft’s controller-free gaming device for Xbox 360, the Kinect, will be unleashed across the United States, and the publisher is holding a massive launch event in Times Square, New York City to celebrate the occasion."

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T9X692814d ago

And to think 50 Cent said he ran NY, MS has got his ass on lockdown lol

zeeshan2814d ago

LOL! In the first picture, there is a huge SONY ad running on a screen in the background!

BX812814d ago

Don't hate cheese toast!

life doomer2814d ago

why do I think this is funny?

Pyscho_Mantis2814d ago

most the people there are you are the controller shirts and are paid by microsoft it give people the idea it was busy. LOL

BiggCMan2814d ago

microsoft knows advertising better than anyone, this is more proof. shame they dont use that half a billion for better use.

Quagmire2814d ago

You wonder why MS doesnt market games like Halo or Gears Of War like this, i mean, if they have money to blow on this, then why not go the extra mile and advertise for something gamers actually care about on the streets of NY.

Shackdaddy8362814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

That looks pretty lame honestly - everyone dancing at the same time to a game.

Reminds me of that whole circ de soleil thing they had.

All this weird advertising MS has for Kinect kinda bugs me. I hope this isnt a look into the future for other companies' advertisements

VenomProject2814d ago

This is just more Cirque de Soleil Micro$oft crap. Partying over a piece of hardware...

Quite lulzy.

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The story is too old to be commented.