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PS3Blog: "EA's reboot of an old series, bringing it shooting into the modern era. But does it hit the target or is it a miss? Read our review to find out."

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PS3Blog2815d ago

Do you think guys currently playing this online will move to Black Ops permanently? Or will they return to this game?

granthinds2815d ago

People will not move over to MoH. I'm pretty convinced.

frankymv2815d ago

My version of MOH is sitting in the box waiting to be traded in on tuesday for black ops.

granthinds2815d ago

This game is so disappointing. I was REALLY hoping that they would've been strong competition to the CoD series. I secretly didn't want Black Ops to succeed due to Bobby Kotick's epic fails this year. But alas, it's going to kick MoH's ass... Sigh.

vrylstminute2814d ago

It's a pity since the leaked footage looked so good... :(

PS3Blog2814d ago

Agreed I think Black Ops will take preference over this. I know I cannot wait for Tuesday!

At least it was a nice fill in and distraction from the horse MW2!

Ultraplayerxd2814d ago

MoH is a great game imo, I know most of you don't agree but I appreciate MoH for what it is. Sadly, the technical issues killed this game but if I know one thing its that the problems that plague MoH isn't gonna happen again, MoH 2 is gonna be epic.

PS3Blog2814d ago

The single player was great, I do however think that they should have used one developer for both sections, single player and multi player. And yes I think MOH2 will be much better.

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