Black Ops pre-orders have started shipping

It's nearly time - next week what is easily the year's most anticipated game hits the UK shelves and the good news is the pre-orders have started shipping...

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EscoBlades2478d ago

Treyfail must be licking their chops already.

Crazyglues2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Means there will be no delays, and all is good -I can't wait to start playing this...

Should be a pretty good game..(I Hope)


r1sh122477d ago

The royal mail is not holding any of the packages/deliveries at all.
The store/warehouse sending them is sending them on monday morning.
I got an email from who said they will be sending them on monday because activision requested it. Activision know since its a tuesday release many will get their games early (like halo reach), so they have tried to press some stores from sending it today/tomorrow.
I should still get mine on monday though..ahaha

r1sh122477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

just to add.
I cancelled my shopto pre-order and ordered from HMV, 2 hours later I got an email saying its been dispatched.
Early release for me I hope.
Tomorrow unlikely,
Saturday - Good chance
Monday - If not the previous working days.
Activision are trying to have all pre-order copies sent out on monday, to be fair thats their own fault for having a tuesday release date.

retrofly2477d ago

Delivery companies/Royal mail are holding them until Monday. They have been dispatched from the retailers but are being held by the delivery companies at the request of Activision.

However some DO slip through the net.

FAGOL2477d ago

ahh you're kidding. Damn thought i'd get mine on friday.

FishCake9T42477d ago

I thought i would get mine early to but Amazon always mess about with deliveries to my area so im getting it from Sainsburys in the morning instead.

Thecraft19892477d ago

They must becuase most of mates have received there PC copies/ps3 copies/xbox copies from multiple places.

vhero2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

How can royal mail know what game are in the package without opening it? simple answer? they can't so they won't be If you want COD black ops before release date get it from or GAME and you will get the game on Monday. Either way I am getting mine from Morrisons for £30 on Tuesday. People who pre-order a game like this are stupid as you will be paying an extra £15. The MOH trade deal people though are worse..

y0haN2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Gettin' it from GAME for £27 :)

y0haN2477d ago

xtremexx pre-ordered it for £30 before they announced the Steam price, got £3 off with Game points. :)

Ve3tro2477d ago

Copies on eBay going for £55 delivered for Friday morning, though there are some greedy twats on it selling normal copies for £150.

DiLeCtioN2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Am waiting for that budget deal, hope HMV don't change the MOH trade in and pay £7.99 for Blackops

Saryk2477d ago

Downloading mine now!

wissam2477d ago

you are late cause it has been leaked ages ago.

Pandamobile2477d ago

He could be talking about the Steam version. Mine's downloading too.

Saryk2477d ago

Yep Steam version..........

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