PS3 Killed with Blu-ray Movie -Don't try this at home-

This test that under normal operating conditions with no external items inserted into places where they shouldnt be the PS3 consoles lives on thru anything that has been thrown at it.

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MK_Red4003d ago

Some people have too much money and time in their hands.

TriggerHappy4003d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

couldn't agree more with you MK.. but then why post it ?:)

TheMART4002d ago

With 9 bubbles and so many news posts + first comments on N4G in many newsarticles I think you don't have less time on your hands then that dude

Fisher3394002d ago

Oh mart the hypocrocy!

Ignorance makes me laugh, Thanks for brighten my day.


MK_Red4002d ago

Thanks for awesome quote Merc. I thought it was a fun story :)

To TheMART, I don't have a PS3 and certainly don't intend to kill it when I buy one.

OutLaw4002d ago

I was wondering if you play Texas Hold'em?

I was playing it yesterday on the 360 and somebody had your avatar.

MK_Red4002d ago

Wow, no. That wasn't me but cool.

The only online games that I used to play are Counter Strike and Warcraft 3. Nowadays I have shifted all my focus on singleplayer games and specially RPGs (Still playing original Fallout sometimes!).

Foliage4002d ago

The difference between "MK_Red" and "TheMART" is that "MK_Red" is possibly the most respected person on this site, while "TheMART" is considered the most asinine by many.

okcomputer4002d ago

I'll co-sign with foliage. Mkred is one of the best contributors to this site.

And to the Mart, the reason Mkred has 9 bubbles is because his comments aren't complete immature fanboy crap like 99.9% of yours.

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Eagle_CFC4003d ago

Lmao, the stuff they done to their PS3 is incredible, makes you feel really 'safe' with the console. That's not a 360 dig, just a statement of fact. i'm still grieving the loss of my 360...

eagle214002d ago

dumb-de-dumb-dum.......dumb-de -dumb-dum-dummmmmmmmmb!

sak5004002d ago

This is what you do when you dont have any games to play.

Maddens Raiders4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

plays their "console" on a timeshare. 8D

OutLaw4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

So it's good to know that my PS3 may last for a while with out breaking.

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The story is too old to be commented.