Kinect Launch: What We're Buying (RunDLC)

As you probably know, various stores across the U.S. will open at midnight to begin selling Microsoft Kinect. As we type this, there are probably several hundred, if not thousands of gamers already lined up in New York City’s Times Square, waiting for Toys R Us to hand out free copies of Kinect Joy Ride and Kinect Sports, as well as a year of Xbox Live, not a bad deal for sacrificing a day to stand around.

We briefly considered the New York option, then decided to stay local. When the clock strikes 12:00AM, we plan to bombard the store of choice and pick up several things. Here’s the plan.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Bigpappy2755d ago

But I will add Sonic and your shape instead of the other 2.

GamingGamer2754d ago

Engadget, IGN.... only non movement games like the fitness games work... or Dance Central since it does not actually copy your move on to screen.

others are full of lag and glitches...
IGN even said "it actually doesnt work... eh.. sorta" in theire review.