Four New and Funny Wal-Mart Commericials for Call of Duty: Black Ops

You may remember these two fellas from the same style of commercials for Modern Warfare 2 pre-launch. Well, they're back and featured in Wal-Mart's "Smacktalk Never Sleeps" series.

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CyberCam2695d ago

But not up to KB's standards!

ANeuteredDog2695d ago

but its better than that crappy "surprise" commercial... SURPRISE *BOOM*

TheGameFoxJTV2695d ago

I like them. lol, I think that's the best thing this game will bring. Funny online videos.

Shackdaddy8362695d ago

I love the 4th one lol. I saw the shortened version on t.v. today. I think they are some of the better commercials to come out of Walmart.