A word of warning about PES 2008

HEXUS.gaming talk about their frustrations with the new diving system in Konami's latest soccer title.

Will it ruin the beautiful game and does it set a poor example to our future football stars?

"This new diving tactic has also caused a bit of debate amongst friends and long term fans of the Pro Evo series, who have long thought that the game is the best and most true to life footballing experience in a videogame. That debate revolves around the question that, while FIFA and the FA are actively trying to discourage diving in the real world of football, should Konami have included this diving tactic in their extremely popular football series? Aren't they actively encouraging our future footballers to use these dirty tactics?"

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HeartlesskizZ4123d ago

I think is aswome, not all the times you will be getting away with it, and it makes a bit more realistic.

yes I know it can cause u the game but thats how real life football is.

cant wait for it.

RuffRyder4123d ago

Weather we like it or not players dive or try to cheat in real football matches so if it happens in the real world then it should also be in a football sim.

jromao4123d ago

Yes ZilveR_, Konami try to approach the game as usual to the real world, and that diving feature is good, but would be good idea if diving is option for any game, letting players choose if they want to play that game with it ON or not.

Even if that diving isn't possible to turn off, the player will take the risk for diving and get a yellow or red card for it, it's balanced gameplay, fair.

I play it since ISS version in the 90's and the game got good improvements till today, always keeping the good gameplay, for example since PES 5 the game is bit slower than PES4 and previous.

So, the point is, Konami is adding that feature and well done, in future releases, maybe PES 2009, maybe it will be improved or even removed, who knows, lets wait for PES 2008 and then check if it's good or not.

Note: And Boys, treat Girls gamers as equal, as in everything else.

Lygre4123d ago

Cheating is for cowards. If you aren't an honest enough person to not cheat when you're playing football, a game, poker, whatever, then you, my friend, are a coward.

I hate it when ppl dive and cheat in the beautiful game of football. If they can't play it fair then they can start up acting instead.

Diving in a videogame of football might not sound like a big deal. But when the youngsters see the players in the game do it, and they see their idols in Premier League (for instance) do it, then they will copy that and do it themselves. And everyone will be "everybody else is diving, why should I also?" - Because it's CHEATING.

Cheating is for cowards.

Vojkan4123d ago

Diving was possible on old fifa games. Last FIFA game i played was 99 or 2000, but i am sure there was fake diving to simulate foul.

Since 2000 i have been playing PES games.

AliC4123d ago

WOW that will keep the Chelsea fans happy, they will be able recreate all those moments they see on the pitch.

Lygre4123d ago

Robben has now gone to Real Madrid.

But they still do have Drogba. So yeh, you're kinda right.

HeartlesskizZ4123d ago

My favorite player is C-Ronaldo from portugal. he is so cute, and also
I like Del piero, very talented player!!

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The story is too old to be commented.