Achievement Hunter Reaches Her Ultimate Goal

Kotaku: Last year, we profiled Kristen, the stay-at-home mom whose 165,000 Gamerscore made her the No. 5 female worldwide. She set 200,000 as a retirement mark. On Monday, she reached it. Will she put down the controller?

"I do but I don't want to," Kristen told me yesterday. "I've been gaming for so long, I'll never quit - I'll probably keep gaming until I'm 70. But as far as achievements, I plan to cut back a lot now."

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-Mezzo-2724d ago

Well since shes a MOM, it makes sense, She has a lot of time of her Hands.

PaPa-Slam2724d ago

No wonder my MILF alarm started ringing.

-Mezzo-2724d ago

Where do you get that Alarm? lol

Hitman07692723d ago

this is great, she should relax and start gaming for pure enjoyment now.