Valkyria Chronicles 3 Developers Talk PS3, Love Sim Elements and Cameos

Andriasang: Producer and director field questions from fans and press at recent demo event.

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InfectedDK2760d ago

Please gimme some Valkyria for PS3 in EU with trophies!
Valkyria 1, 2 or 3...

DORMIN2759d ago

"I personally don't have any likes or hates when it comes to hardware. I also understand that because the first Valkyria was released on PS3 players want another one on the system. However, when selecting platform, we have to make careful consideration, and with this, the reality was that we couldn't easily advance on the PS3. However, I want to say one thing: as developers we absolutely did not want to make a PS3 version that simply reused the materials and engine from part 1."

facepalm! Cmon! Get some help from Sony or something. Combine it with the Killzone Engine LOL jk

cfountain2760d ago

no matter their excuse or reason, i still want my PS3 sequel to the first VC.

WildArmed2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

haha, I agree.

I prefer to game on my ps3/360 over handhelds :(
But, there is no denying that handhelds are getting better and better games bcoz the development cost on the HD console is skyrocketing.

Esp. when it comes to JRPG, they are flocking to PSP/DS.. leaving no love for us :(
It's quite unfortunate how the best JRPGs goto handhelds, and then companies like SE come out and say JRPG's do bad on HD Consoles...
you wanna know why they do bad?
Coz you give us crap.. and keep the best of JRPGs on Handheld
(DQ9, FF:Crisis Core, etc etc).

The HD consoles have been quite a disappointing upgrade for JRPG fans.
PS2 had an amazing library for JRPGs.
This gen console doesn't have even half the library of the ps2 :(

Gue12760d ago

I did bad upgrading from PS2 and GameCube to PS3. I think I should have bought a PsP and Ds instead...

rockleex2760d ago

With full RPG elements such as:

Towns and villages to explore
NPCs to talk to
World map
Regular battles (not the war battles)
Recruitment system
Hidden quests/items/etc

The strategy battles take place whenever big events happen.

Basically kind of follow Suikoden's SRPG formula but add their own Valkyria twist to it.

Redempteur2760d ago

if you want a suikoden , aks a suikoden to konami

exploration ? in valkyria ? what for ?

-galia is at war guys !!
-sorry i'm busy exploring this forest

slutface2760d ago

why why why why whyyyyyyyyyy is there no sequel on the ps3?!?!? whyyyyyyyy? hands down vc is one of the best exclusives on ps3 evaaaaar!

DORMIN2759d ago

Its still my favorite RPG this gen.

sigh WHY THE F isnt this coming to PS3?

Genecalypse2760d ago

Sounds like theyre just being lazy

air12760d ago

i like cameos too. i wish devs did it more..

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The story is too old to be commented.