PlayStation Move: 1 Million Units Shipped in North America, a Growing Library of Titles

Kim Nguyen, Marketing Manager for the PlayStation 3, writes:

"You might have heard that PlayStation Move has already shipped one million units and given the list of exciting games below, it’s hard to imagine sales slowing down. Next Tuesday marks the launch of gritty brawler, The Fight: Lights Out, party favorite SingStar Dance, and the HD revival of one of PlayStation’s most iconic characters, Sly Cooper, in The Sly Collection. But that’s just the start of the holiday shopping season; we’ve got more great games on their way for every type of gamer – from the casual to the core and everyone in between. Additionally, we’ve got exclusive games coming out in early 2011 including Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, and SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs."

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MasterOfThe12Blades2813d ago

looks like dead space 2 won't support move :(

ryuzu2813d ago

Who knows - Dead Space extraction, besides the Move and Coop modes also supports DS3. If they can manage control cross over there it's still potentially going to be that way for Dead Space 2.



Longrod_Von_Hugendon2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

All the people focusing on the use of the word 'shipped' in the article. Please show me where they meant to imply that shipped actually meant sold?

GamingGamer2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

wut happen to Patcher's "disappointing sales"??

BTW, when MS talk about "sold" they mean sold TO RETAILERS. this is accurate as it gets folks.

this and europe combined is prob 3.5 million.

is it even out in japan yet??

Masamori Sumimura2813d ago

shipped isnt considered sold only when it'S a microsoft product.

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Cold 20002813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

"PlayStation Move: 1 Million Units Shipped in North America, a Growing Library of Titles" - Kim Nguyen, Marketing Manager for the PlayStation 3

Huh ?? I thought Sony only report sold to consumers ?!

Oh well guess it was it was BS. Color me not surprised at all!

@below: FACT is Sony is using SHIPPED figures and NOT sold to consumers. So WHAT happened to the "Sony ONLY report SOLD TO CONSUMERS ?"

And they sold sorry SHIPPED almost 3 million Move worldwide and it didnt move any consoles at all ?? Sorry but thats just major fail.

@cyrax below: How convenient isnt it ? And why use shipped and not sold for Move ? If they can use sold why use shipped ? I'll let you answer that question yourself :)

Imperator2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Uh, 360 fanboys... I just give up on you guys. You guys seem to have no logical reasoning skills.

Fact is, Move is nearing 3 million world wide and Sony didn't have to spend gazillions of dollars to get those sales.

Cyrax_872813d ago

When Sony says "shipped" they mean shipped, when they say "sold", then mean sold.

When MS say "sold", they mean shipped. I'm sure you already know this Cold and you're just trolling, but if you'd like I'll find that link that proves Sony reports sold to customers..

thehitman2813d ago

because obviously they didnt sell out all of the shipment yet to declare it as sold. MS will ship and declare them all as sold which does not equal sold to consumers. Sony doesnt fabricate their numbers by filling supply chains with more then they need just to say they sold more during a given time like MS.

lowcarb2813d ago

It's pretty safe to say Kinectic will beat out Move by quite a few numbers and on top of that make a killing off exclusive games. That 500 million will be well spent when it all said and done. You just worry about supporting Move which makes absolutely no sense at the present.

"Uh, 360 fanboys... I just give up on you guys. You guys seem to have no logical reasoning skills."

That the exact same way we feel about PS3 fanboys.

Cyrax_872813d ago

I won't bother arguing with you Cold, I can see why you only have one bubble. I'll just leave the facts.

poindat2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

You label yourself as a 360 fanboy, yet you can't even get the name of Kinect right. Pathetic.

Just further proof of how damn stupid fanboys are, and that goes for both sides of the fence. Fact of the matter is, Move is doing well. Kinect may do well if it manages to get some decent games and hardware kinks worked out. Everyone who is in the market for motion controls wins. End of story. No need to be so damn pathetic about it.

Information Minister2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

@ Cold 2000 and lowcarb -
I have expressed my opinion on motion controllers several times before and I've been trying to avoid making comments on Move/Kinect articles out of respect for the people who actually enjoy that crap. But not this time... This time I have to speak my mind:

Shouldn't you be playing Kinectimals or Fitness Evolved? I mean, if Kinect is such a gift sent from above and such an unrivaled success, why on Earth are you guys trolling the PS3 channel as usual? Seriously, go play that killer Kinect lineup. No, seriously... I mean it. Rubbing Kinect in our faces is a brainless waste of time, because most of the people on this channel aren't interested in that particular flavor of shovelware... AT ALL!

-Alpha2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )


According to a majority here "sold" means "shipped to retailers"

There was a huge debate like 2 weeks ago on this and I recall everybody saying "sold" meant "sold to retailer", yet everybody before this article (which criticized the Sony claim of Move sales) acted on the presumption that Sold meant sold to customers.

People keep flip flopping here, it's clear nobody seems to have an idea and they just keep changing the meaning when it suits them.

2813d ago
Makidian2813d ago

Your a tool, learn how to read a financial report and educate yourself on how the industry works so you can stop pointing fingers about topics you know absolutely nothing about.

2813d ago
Sez 2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Morganfail pm'ed me because I said a couple days ago if Sony can count ps3 as sold why can't they do the samething for move. Instead of answering my question because if doesn't have a clue this is the dumb answer he gives me

morganfell1d 2h ago Block
Re: Reference your comments about Jack Tretton lying
Not even MS can track that number right now. It takes time for those numbers to be amalgamated. And as I said, Greenturds own boss contradicted him the very next day. End of story. This started because you didn't understand how EACH company counts peripherals.

Now what does this comment have to do with what I asked. If Sony counts ps3 as sold. Why count move as shipped. Is it because move sold poorly and sony's trying to cover up the fact by using shipped numbers to fool everyone. pathetic

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lazysey2813d ago

Don't forget to pick up the Fight: Lights Out! SO GOOD =/

LordMarius2813d ago

North America only this time

MinskyM2813d ago

And 1.5 million in Europe and we don't know the Japanese numbers yet.

Can easily see Move hitting 5 million by Christmas if they can produce enough.

And all these sales without having to blow 500 million on a PR campaign.

2813d ago
Information Minister2813d ago

Now I could write a long reply detailing the madness of fail in your comment, but instead, I'll leave you with this link ( ) and a question: how old are you?

visualb2813d ago

information minister:

I think he won't be replying...


Europe has sold MORE moves than US. Europe IS a bigger market for certain things than US.

and, how old ARE you?!

Jazz41082813d ago

The reason he has one bubble Carb is that he supports ms on a site with 3 to 1 sony supporters. That's pretty obvious. If you something negative aginst sony it gets reported as trolling and the mods take your bubbles nut if you say something positive about ms its trolling and the mods take your bubbles. You say something negative against ms andbyou get bubbled up and well said. That's how this site works if you are new. I try to stay neutral and support both systems and that's why I have threebbubbles at this time.

lazysey2813d ago

I agree with you bud. Too many crybabies hating.

Optical_Matrix2813d ago

Ohhhhhhh here goes....*kenan and kel theme tune begins to play*

WhittO2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

rrr forgot how that goes lol, Kel LOVES Orange Soda..


great now im gona have to spend the next 30 min goin over old tv shows and theme songs haha

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jjmustoe2813d ago

1 Million Units in America and 2.5 Million in the EU + 150k in Japan

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