No Darksiders 2 Until 2013?

Good news for Darksiders fans: publisher THQ has confirmed a sequel is in development. Bad news for Darksiders fans: it wont be out until 2012 at the earliest.

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Croash2541d ago

A game linked to the Apocalypse coming in 2012, perfect, December 21st please? :D

/lame joke.

They have a lot of time to develop this game, and after the amazing experience that Darksiders was, they can't go wrong with the sequel.

I hope they release more info soon, Darksiders was revealed in 2008 but came in Jan. 2010.

Daver2541d ago

Nooo! I want it earlier lol i loved that game

belal2541d ago

darksiders is one of my fav games this gen. epic story, VERY HARD puzles and gameplay that is a great combination of zelda and god of war. hope that the second game gets even better!

Letros2541d ago

I wonder if they have two teams or if they split time between Darksiders 2 and 40k: Dark Millenium.