Microsoft makes Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack available

XMNR: When Microsoft announced they were raising the price of annual Xbox LIVE they also revealed a new Gold Family Pack that features four Xbox LIVE Gold memberships for less than the new price of two. The new membership option finally became available this morning and is definitely worthy of your consideration for the price.

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Beahmscream2691d ago

Just get time cards on amazon.. still cheaper than this.

Queasy2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Four cards on Amazon at $40 would be $160. This is $100 for four people.

It's worth it if you are doing an apples to apples comparison of comparing four gold memberships vs the four that come with the famly pack.

Heck, you even come out ahead if you only need 3.

Beahmscream2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Oops my bad I thought it was for 2 :( Sorry, read it wrong!