Buy a house, clean your floor, move your butt: Ars reviews Kinect

ARS: "The Good:
The hardware is easy to set up, with good instructions
The games are simple to jump in and play
Using your hand as a cursor can be fun
The games make you move, and tend to be a good workout
Voice commands are useful in some circumstances
The camera can adjust itself to put you in frame
Games still work in low light conditions

The Bad:
The menu system takes much longer than just using buttons
The hardware sometimes has issues hearing you or seeing your movement
The games are very similar
Without buttons, you lose control in certain parts of certain games
It starts at $150, which feels expensive
There is lag. It's not terrible, but it's there
The Kinect Hub doesn't do everything, or even most things

The Ugly:
Too many games used the "take pictures during gameplay" gimmick. We get it—playing games on the Kinect makes us look stupid. It almost feels like you're playing a game so the 360 can laugh at you

Verdict: Skip... for now

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Call_me_Ishmael2727d ago

reviews are weird,some say its good and give it a ten,some say
its ok but not now,some say its donwright retarded,why dont
they just make one global game review company or studio or

cmrbe2727d ago

that are saying its good i.e those newspapers that have no idea what gaming is or hardware.

Core gaming sites its mostly not good. They say its good for the intended casual audiance but it fails in most cases as a hardware.

Hardware/electronics sites say its bad.

Jdoki2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

I would also think that those mainstream media outlets get their review kit with a very specific set of criteria around which to review the hardware.

One thing I've noticed in the more core review sites is mention of the technical flaws... like losing tracking in bright light; the lack of buttons hindering some games (like bowling). Whereas the mainstream press have not mentioned these things at all.

The one big thing I am seeing in these reviews is that Kinect has potential, is fairly good family fun, but the games and to a lesser degree the technology is letting it down a bit. Until a killer app comes out I'll be skipping Kinect (and Move)

nix2727d ago

"We get it—playing games on the Kinect makes us look stupid. It almost feels like you're playing a game so the 360 can laugh at you"

ha ha ha... oh well. but Dance Central is going to be must have for everyone... moms and daughters and few Xbox fans. he he.. q:

Red_Orange_Juice2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

it looks so awful in real life, nothing like promo pictures

thor2727d ago

Mainstream media ALWAYS give good reviews to crap games/systems, because they're easy to pay off. This isn't some fanboy crap - even Haze got a 5/5 from one magazine (FHM I think). Often they don't even bother to play the games before reviewing them.

It's the main gaming sites that you should trust - but you should always read a selection of reviews. Looking at ArsTechnica, Engadget, IGN one can come to the conclusion that it's not all it's hyped up to be.

But of course thinking folks knew that it wasn't as good as the PR would have you believe anyway. Lame games, control issues and lag, BAM there it is, and a purely casual focus should have rung the alarm bells long ago.

HolyOrangeCows2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

The good:
-You plug it in
-Any idiot can figure the games out
-You can get a workout (That's why people play games, right?)

The Bad:
-There are only about 3 genres of games, despite there being so many
-It doesn't always work
-The touted navigation ease takes longer than the traditional way (And you can't even access everything)


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Babypuncher2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

"why dont they just make one global game review company or studio or something."

Seriously? Do you know how bad that would be? You might as well call up Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft and ask them whether or not you should buy their products.

If you are unsure whether or not you should purchase a game or peripheral i suggest you do as much research as possible before making a decision. Games can be rented before you buy them, peripherals can be demoed at most electronics stores.

chochoy2727d ago Show
raztad2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

"We're going to come out and say it: Microsoft is going to release a Move-style controller for the Kinect within a year or so. Both gamers and developers are going to be frustrated by all the things the hardware can't do, and they'll demand a way to interact with games using at least one or two buttons. It's not a coincidence that so many games at launch are in the same few genres, you know. The hardware simply can't handle much else."


EVILDEAD3602727d ago

LOL @ the hate..

It's not a coincidence that so many games at launch are in the same few genres, you know. The hardware simply can't handle much else."

Please enlight at Move or Wii having so many genres at launch..

The most successful games period are the fitness, the dance, the sports, games for kids and the party games

So they end up with hybrid games = the hardware is a scam..

N4g is classic..predictable but classic


insomnium2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Move does have RE5 and MAG under it's belt you know.

Yes everything you hear is a "classic" and "predictable". You say anything to try and deflect the issue of Kinect being solely for casuals. If you are casual fine play it and love it but you are making a mistake by trying to belittle the opinions of hc-gamers about Kinect. It is what it is and nothing you say will change it. Kinect is for casuals. Period.

Could you tell me since when did 14-18 yo kids have children of their own. That IS the demographic of x360 isn't it? If you don't have your own kids THERE IS NOTHING FOR YOU IN KINECT. If you have kids of your own there is NOTHING FOR YOU IN KINECT since it's for YOUR KIDS.

I'm bewildered to learn all the diehard x360 fans from past years have turned casual. They used to be so cocky about their games and stuff. What happened?

EVILDEAD3602726d ago

@ insomnium

Do you even believe your last post..

Nobody is belittling anyone..

But for you to pretend that that the 360 audience is only 14-18 year olds and that 'Hardcore' gamers ONLY play one type of game then it's clear that you've never logged off of N4G..

All systems have gamers of all ages and tastes.any gamer that has come to a midnight line for Halo, Gears, or Call of Duty knows you have mojority of gamers there from their late teens to gamers in their forties..the younger ones that are there are with their parents

'If you don't have your own kids THERE IS NOTHING FOR YOU IN KINECT. If you have kids of your own there is NOTHING FOR YOU IN KINECT since it's for YOUR KIDS.'

This is where your dead wrong..

if you don't have kids and you like games like Kinect Sports the Minority stuff..and look forward to Child od Eden then Kinect IS for you..

If you have kids or younger family members then Kinect IS definately for those who want to play games with their family..

It doesnt matter if the haters scream hardcore all day long..because that's what the 360 has solely catered to from day one..

Move has the ability to patch games for it's controls..but the 'hardcore' gamers played Resident Evil 5 a year and a half ago and the M.A.G. controls with it arent better than a which PS3 hardcore gamers that are going to pass on the 'Move' less Call of Duty: Black Ops..same with 360..playing fun games with your familky is not going to stop you from logging onto Halo Reach or Black ops..

Killzone 3 and Socom look cool down the line..but they aren't launch titles...

Sony's Move launch is as casual as anything on Kinect or the Wii..But it's funny how nobody is pulling the 'Hardcore' card when Sports Champions, EyePet, Start the Party, and the bowling games are released..

I should know..I own every one of those games..

Why? Because that's what expands your audience..

The funny part is the ACTUAL game launch..

I was just at Game Stop to pick up Kinect and EVERY gamer picking it up at lunch are the same regulars who but every single shooter for the 360..and they are as excited as anyone else..

But like I said..internet talk is simply talk..log off and it's a whole different story in the real world...

Just like the Wii..both Sony and Microsft gambled correctly (I even saw somebody pick up the PS3/Move bundle today at gamestop).

Again..the haters don't matter anyway..the system is going to be a hands down success and if people have fun and enjoy it..then mission accomplished


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xg-ei8ht2727d ago

True review, not some made up BS to speak to the masses of idiots.

toaster2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Ars Technica is one of the most revered tech sites out there. They don't spout PR bullshots and they tell it like it is.

outlawlife2727d ago

kinect is one of those things that you will either love or hate

I've talked to several people who got theirs and it seems much like the wii

fun with friends, not so much on your own and the fact that there really aren't serious games for it yet makes it weak

I absolutely hate motion controls and this seems to take that even further, while it may be fun for kids I just don't see the value in it

NateCole2727d ago

This is one very very harsh Kinetic review. Hope kinetic fans don't read it as some might have heart attacks from reading it.

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