Assassin's Creed Art Director teaches digital environment painting

Many creative gamers are taking every opportunity they can get in order to improve their artistic abilities in hopes of some day working in the gaming industry. Raphael Lacoste, who has worked with Assassin's Creed and Prince of Persia, has just released an accessible online tutorial showcasing some of his methods for creating such breathtaking works of art.

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Ninferno2818d ago

this guy definitely knows a thing or two. I wouldnt mind learning from him.

MelonieMac2818d ago

Yes, his work is amazing. I've been dabbling into digital art for a couple years now, and heck, I'd be happy if I had even a fraction of his skill.

IuseC42818d ago

Always loved the AC art direction, if I was a digital artist, bought for sure.

MelonieMac2818d ago

Yeah, the art direction for Assassin's Creed is incredible. I love the contrast between the dull colored elements, like the white robes, in contrast with the red. Things like this make the art stand out.

xg-ei8ht2818d ago

I'm playing through assasins creed 2 now.

Enjoying the game, art direction is excellent.

Only thing that pulls me slightly out of the world is the shadow problems and popin.

But the look of it is excellent.

Quagmire2818d ago

Wtf is up with all the Helghast avatars? Did I miss the memo?

On Topic: AC and PoP art is simply beautiful, however im more conerned about the character design rather than environment. Quality stuff tho!

MelonieMac2818d ago

The Helghast avatars were for a contest that has recently ended here on N4G. :p

Back on topic though, I do agree with you for the most part. I'm far more fascinated with character design; however, it kind of exemplifies my need for learning environmental art even more. I put so much emphasis on drawing people that my environments fail. :/

SSKILLZ2818d ago

any one recommend what classes to take for digital concept art or where to begin ?

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