Sharing Videos of Yourself Playing Kinect Is Ridiculously Easy

The process for sharing these videos is about as streamlined and user-friendly as possible. Your video gets uploaded from your 360, then you just log on to with the Windows Live ID associated with your Gamertag. From there, you just click the game you played, and you're given options to download the video or post directly to Facebook.

GameInformer was actually really impressed with the whole process.

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gigaware2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Yes it's cool for social networking services and more. It's powerful hardware and software offering much more for 360 owners and PC users alike, much more than before the update/launch of Kinect. Don't be a jackass about it.

Masamori Sumimura2814d ago

how is it a shame? please explain.

lowcarb2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

It's a shame because Sony didn't think of it! :O Truth hurts.

edit: So true Vega.

Oh and can I get some more disagrees please from the people with no games to play this year? thanks

Sez 2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Has MS released any info about using kinect with PC's that's one of the main things I'm interested in with kinect.

@ lowcarb

It's not that they didn't think of it. They just didn't believe in it. I pretty sure they will wish they would have

Masamori Sumimura2814d ago

Seriously , N4G getting worser and worser.

hoops2814d ago

Shame because Sony did not do it? LOL

Adva2814d ago

Jri is just trolling, like how you bots troll in PS articles and fail at it.

ginganinja2814d ago

so you couldn't do something very similar to this with Singstar nearly 3 years ago ?

NecrumSlavery2814d ago

I hope Kinect comes to PC. I would just hook it up to my big TV and use that conituously. The kinect dashboard interface is nice. The voice control looks pretty bad tho, but all the hand gestures work very well. Biggest issue is the games. They all are lame as hell.

lowcarb2814d ago

What are you talking about? seriously you lost me

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Imperator2814d ago

The Kinect videos and reviews are gonna be hilarious! Watching people making fools of themselves haha!!

Are you 360 guys gonna be uploading your Kinect videos?

jjohan352814d ago

It's cool at first and then it gets old quickly. Honestly how long would you continue watching people jump around in front of their couch? I go online to watch gameplay videos like machinima or whatever, not videos of people waving around the Wii mote (insert any other peripheral). It would be different if they included the video of the actual gameplay as part of the screen.

gigaware2814d ago

"Prime Sense VP says, the camera-control technology in Kinect will soon be coming to PCs and TVs"

Now that quote is talking about the same tech behind Kinect being designed for PC and TV in different ways.

Microsoft has said they like idea of bringing the actual Kinect device and its customized software to PC http://www.computerandvideo...

I swear I read an article with Microsoft saying they were bringing kinect to PC for sure.

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soundslike2814d ago

I don't want to see you playing kinect
in fact,
its on my list of top ten things I don't want to see.

here come the shitty youtube vlogs....

Kaneda2814d ago isn't enough...

ilikestuff2814d ago

sharing videos of yourself playing kinect is easy? i hope its easy enough for the dumb, hot, slutty girls to figure it out so we can see future headlines on this site go like this " top ten slutty girl kinect videos" i dont think anyone would complain

im-12-years-old2814d ago

slutty or hot.... you can only choose one

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