GameFocus: MySims SkyHeroes Review

GameFocus: "After releasing games set in the MySims universe on the Wii and DS over the past few years, Electronic Arts thought it was time to bring the kiddie franchise to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. After Agents, Racing, Party, Kingdom and others that I may have forgotten, MySims are now entering the Danger Zone with SkyHeroes; a flight combat game that reminisces of titles like Snoopy Flying Ace and Crimson Skies. Let me begin by saying that whoever reads this review should know that SkyHeroes can be easily enjoyed by adults, but the whole point is to please the younglings first and invite their parents to join the fun. If you suffer from ADHD and already skipped to the bottom of this review, the chances of our final score surprising you are high."

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