Xbox 360's Kinect Will Be 'Sold Out a Lot,' says Ubisoft

Microsoft is pushing their new Kinect camera system hard, with a massive campaign and a launch event in Times Square to kick things off. Publishers seem excited by the device's prospects, and Ubisoft in particular is a huge believer in the motion camera. Speaking to IndustryGamers, Ubisoft's SVP, sales and marketing, Tony Key commented that Kinect will likely be quite difficult to get this holiday season because the demand will be incredible.

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gigaware2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Probably like the 360 launch where stock was only readily available in late April of the following year.

Ryo-Hazuki2756d ago

whoever buys that crap is so stupid. Play it for a few days cause its different and then it will be collecting dust

BubbleSystemSuck2756d ago

i full played my wii for about one month... but only 4 weekens... in party with my friends...

after that... dust collector

Sarcasm2756d ago

Wow like, Kinect won't just be Sold out, but like, Sold out a lot, you know, that's like totally more than being just sold out.

NecrumSlavery2756d ago

The Wii got boring for me about 6 months after Smash BROS. Now there are more amazing titles for it, but I finally got tired of the gimmick of it.

With Kinect, if they can actually put out good games I think it'll succeed. I don't know how many 360's this camera will sell. If the Kinect doesn't sell the console it'll have a greater chance of dying. The camera is only part of the package. It still is a $400 dollar system all together(including a HDD which is needed regardless of what anyone says)

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solar2756d ago

or how about the PS3 launch at $600 and Sony not being able to meet supply and demand?

i like my PS3, but Sony crapped the bed at the PS3 launch.

i dont like the 360 but dont portray that MS was the only company that had oversight.

BillOreilly2756d ago

I personally think they will limit the number of standalone kinects so people have to buy the bundles to sell more consoles. It would be smart from a buisiness perspective. It doesnt matter to me as il wait for the games i want before i purchase, but i do want it if just for the dash and kinect adventures/sports. What can i say i love new cool tech and it looks plain fun.

donniebaseball2756d ago

Yeah the hype has been absolutely incredible. Kinect could be this year's tickle me elmo toy

lowcarb2756d ago

Kinect is this years tickle me Elmo.

Sez 2756d ago

Yeah it is. I'm not going to lie I feel like jumping on the Train and head to times square just to watch the event tonight just to see who going to be there.

diatom2756d ago

It's this years Wii.. to bad everyone bought one three years ago...

Perjoss2756d ago

Move = Wii
Kinect = Eye Toy (but successful)

THC CELL2756d ago

i hope you all keep your recipes.

donniebaseball2756d ago

Mmmmm, delicious recipes...

STiRacer2756d ago

I'll have the colonels original recipe.

PeeWizzle2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Recipes are important to pass down the family line. We've kept every recipe in our family history. I could prepare woolly mammoth based meals if the mammoths themselves were still around.

Omega42756d ago

No one can deny it will be massive.

Joule2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

But I can confirm it will play like crap.


Why yes I can, I am powered by the CELL afterall.

STiRacer2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

"confirm" well that means you already have a kinect to have tried it out and "confirm" it plays like crap.

jugador said, "powered by CELL", impossible to troll any harder than that.

deadreckoning6662756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

@Jugador- K thats ur opinion...but wats that gt to do with the article?????? LOL, PS3 fanboys...the insecurity never ends with these people. Can't believe they spent 5 straight months whining about Kinect. Thank God these people represent such a small number of gamers and have close to ZERO effect on what goes on in this industry...same for all fanboys as well. Such bitter people...N4G is the only place where their ignorance is rewarded lol.

whitesoxfalife2756d ago

well i can confirm mines and it dont play like crap its the best thing in the world since slice bread dammit

cliffbo2756d ago

i don't think many PS3 owners disagree with that Omega4. that's not the problem. it's the fact it's limited and last gen

lowcarb2756d ago

Ok I get the fact there limited supply buy last gen? No cliffbo this tech wasn't available last gen. Not even Eyetoy comes close to the power of Kinect lol.

karl2756d ago

yeah... we all know its gonna sell.

its kinda crappy that it will though...

bye bye hardcore gaming ... thx MS

thrust2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

two trolls one after each other , they must live under the same bridge.

or my bridge :)

Moentjers2756d ago

Oh I agree, a massive waste of money.

Ubisoft should be carefull not to go down with the kinect hype

diatom2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

I can...

Casual games will need a console + kinect... too expensive and they already own a Wii.

For hardcore gamers, no games.

Should have sold to the core audience to establish a market first rather then chasing Nintendo.

lelo2play2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Bubbles for Omega4 ... since most people disagree with all his comments and he never goes down. Every comment he makes I'm going to give him bubbles, to see if he reaches 2 bubbles.

whitesoxfalife2756d ago

ive been doing but everybody keeps disagreeing with him they killin his chances of getting bubble up

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sashimi2756d ago

Half a billion dollars will buy a lot of hype..

CrippleH2756d ago

Don't forget the 2 year Smoke and mirrors E3 that generated hype.

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