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sehnsucht2485d ago

What's that box doing here?

Sev2485d ago

It's just a box of oranges... wait... where'd it go?


Blacktric2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Shoot it goddamit shoot it!

CRACK *gets his neck broken*

MisterNiwa2485d ago

Probaly got moved indoors, it starts raining.

DasBunker2485d ago

lol'd best first comment ever..


wait wut?

Hellsvacancy2485d ago

WTF! gonna b buyin MGS4 (again) very soon then

WildArmed2485d ago

*Runs to the alarm*

With that said..
I may be forced to rebuy MGS4 after all :D

rockleex2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )


Seriously, MGO would have been so popular if not for the stupid Konami IDs and 1 character limit per PS3.

I also want PS Move support and 3D support. :3

Oh well, they should get all that in for the MGS4 Sub version though. -_-

DORMIN2485d ago


Been waiting for MGS4 trophies for 2 years.

Ocelot5252485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )


3/11/10 = international-trophies-for-mgs 4-confirmed-day

Eamon2485d ago

Konami! Over 2 years late! I've already completed MGS4 >.<

Defective Bot2485d ago

Sorry guys but no trophy support for MGS4, the Saint's Row 2 box says the same exact thing and it doesn't have trophy support either.

NecrumSlavery2485d ago

I actually only played it once because I was waiting for the trophies, but after two years I have enjoys 100s of other games.

I am suprised this is a G-Hits and not a Directors Cut like everyother MGS game. Well if they patch in Trophies and not force me to buy a special edition, I'll be glad to rebuy it for $10 or less off of Amazon. But knowing how Konami ruined MGO and MGS4 relationship to PSN by making people use there website, who knows if they will release a trophy patch via PSN as opposed to locking it the disc only.

Steve_02485d ago

*Aims Mk.23 in first person mode*
"Just like old times."

Kleptic2484d ago

I am remaining skeptical...Konami said numerous times, now years ago, that 'we hear you guys' when asked about trophy support...Hell that update released just a month or so after MGS4 shipped in 2008...

But I would definitely be into this if it happens...of all the games that I would actually care about all the trophies, MGS4 would be it...and I just recently popped my PS3 before I backed up my save i wouldn't feel guilty starting the game over from scratch...

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ReservoirDog3162485d ago

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!

I held off replaying MGS4 for like a year just in case trophies got patched. One month after I finally replay it this happens! I knew that would happen!

multipayer2485d ago

Quit being a baby, it only took 2 and a half years of speculation, until new packaging was released that is probably an error... and they undoubtedly want you to buy the game again for trophies. Then they release a substance edition soon after. See, no need to go multiplatform, when effectively they get 1 platform to buy their game 3 times...

Bnet3432485d ago

Amen. I will finally be playing this game again. Great great game. I love stealth games and watching the cutscenes in MGS4.

ReservoirDog3162485d ago

Haha, oh I'm not being a baby. It's just I knew it would happen the second I replayed it. And of course I would play it again, just knew it would happen.

Defective Bot2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Sorry guys but no trophy support for MGS4, the Saint's Row 2 box says the same exact thing and it doesn't have trophy support either.

JD_Shadow2485d ago

Don't feel bad. I waited and waited to trade this in holding out for the support to come. I finally trade it in not more than a month ago and...LOOK WHAT HAPPENS!

@Defective Bot: Then go e-mail THQ about that problem. Maybe it didn't sell enough units to warrant going through with the planned support. Surely, MGS4 has a LOT more than word of mouth going for it and the attention gathered to this detail about the box now for Konami to just ignore it.

athlon7702484d ago

no new update, deleted all the game data and backed up my game saves to a flash card, then deleted everything MGS4 related from the hard drive. Reinstalled the game, no new update.

I'm gonna say no go on this one.


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ilikestuff2485d ago

i said this like a week ago in the forums on this site. boom!!!! im a madman, genius, stone cold pimp, finger banging, two-bit, meat missile dropping son of a mom!..... i dont know what im talking about anymore but look in the forums, i swear i said it

irepbtown2485d ago

I've been saying MGS4 will get trophies for 2 yrs now. I just had no proof :(

ilikestuff2485d ago

well irepbtown, i saw it on a case like two weeks ago, thats all im saying, check the forums. the thread or whatever you call it is call "this might be old news but"

VenomProject2485d ago

Whose footprints are these?!

Solidus187-SCMilk2485d ago

Ive only rented it but I would like it to have trophies when finish it.