These five reasons might justify your Kinect Purchase

Gamersmint: If you like the concept but are on the fence as to whether to shell out cash for Kinect or not, Gamersmint gives you a few reasons as to why you should go ahead.

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GamingGamer2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

this guy is "hella good"

so much for kinect's accuracy.
you dont even have to dance properly, it will just say you are good

WildArmed2786d ago

I'd be mighty pissed if the guy recording me was laughing his ass off.

though it's definitely funny how the guy still manages to pull off 'hella good'.

Honestly, I think DC is the only game worth mentioning in natal's catalog at this point.
But considering I've never been a fan of DDR/Guitar hero+clones, I dont think it'd hold my interest enough.
Considering i find it quite boring to dance alone D:

STiRacer2786d ago

Looks like his arms are paralyzed.

Christopher2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

If my wife ever sees Dance Central, I might then have to buy Kinect. Luckily, she doesn't watch a lot of normal TV and sticks to watching her novellas when she has the time to watch regular TV.

I say luckily because she'll think that just because I can gyrate like an idiot in front of a camera, it'll be okay for me to go out clubbing with her in DC. I hate clubbing in DC. Lots of young, overweight chicks who don't know how to dance and end up hitting you with their various body parts and purses, let alone having to put up with their inane conversations they shout over the sound of the music.

Strikepackage Bravo2786d ago

my wife would love the exercise and dance stuff, my kid would love Kinectimals. I have got to make sure they never find out about Kinect, I would rather spend the money on other stuff LOL! But if they see the right ads, its all over, I'll be out voted.

simplyRealistic182786d ago

lol, 2 funniest post ever, bubble to you both

tinybigman2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

i'll probably be the only 360 owner not purchasing kinect as it doesn't have anything of interest for me.

i stand corrected then lol. can the person who disagreed tell me honestly why i should buy kinect when it has nothing of interest for me.

PeeWizzle2786d ago

You really think so? I'm not buying it.

Christopher2785d ago

I think they disagree with you being the only 360 owner to not buy Kinect.

Jaces2786d ago

Only one I see is Child of Eden, even then that's supposedly coming to PS3 with MOVE capability.

The other reasons are junk, just my opinion.

NecrumSlavery2786d ago

Yeah all this fitness and casual crap isn't for me. But Child of Eden looks amazing. I would love to play that on a 60" 3Dtv. heck maybe they'll have it in 3D when it releases.

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psb2786d ago

Love it or hate it, it does seem to be interesting. However it turns out to be, I really want to try it out for myself before passing a judgement.

cyborg2786d ago

Kinect does seem to be an interesting prospect. I mean each one of us has at some point of time wanted our body to be the controller. However, the biggest challenge that it faces is it's durability. After the initial few moments, would it still be enjoyable to use our body as the controller? Or would it just become taxing and uncomfortable?

Also, how would the sensor reponse to our movements? That's a key too.

Well, I need to test it out for myself before passing any judgement. Irrespective of popular belief, I do think this is a innovation and will pave the way for future tech to grow and develop.

You're free to disagree, just my two cents. :)

Pyscho_Mantis2786d ago

whats really annoying is how the media (with help of microsoft's budget of 500 million) are seeing the device as a revolutionary thing where you are the controller. Ever heard of something called the eyetoy for the ps2. The media were never so keen onto that but wiht some money it is amazing what you can do these days. To make people think that this is the forst time ever this has happened.

Anyway, i have to admit that i would dig some dance central. Can use some practice.

Otheros002786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Seriously!? Kinectimals!? Of all the games kinect will launch with.

cyborg2786d ago

might seem hilarious to the average gamer but if you're a father or a mother and have kids, then it's the best possible holiday friend for them. The idea is amazing, the visuals are really good and I can see kids spending hours with this.

It's not meant for "core" gamers but families planning a purchase. It's a must buy.

tinybigman2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

you know to be honest with you even if i had a family i still wouldn't buy it. what i'd probably do is buy a separate system for them to use it with so i'll still be able to play my core games in peace lol.

i have a question where are the reviews of kinect?

Makidian2786d ago

I have three kids and while we all game, there is no way in hell I would buy a Kinect so they could play with an animal on TV when they have real pets to play with. People buying something so they can park their kids in front of it to keep them occupied is ridiculous. My kids watch cartoons because I watch cartoons with them and engage them while they watch whatever is on. Kinectimals isn't a game, it's an exotic pet simulator, and any parent that uses this as a driving decision to buy Kinect should be ashamed of themselves.

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