Ubisoft Defends Wii: 'We're Not Sounding the Death Knell on it Yet'

Nintendo's Wii sales have been down, contributing to a loss at the company for the first half and requiring Satoru Iwata to answer investors' concerns about the business. Moreover, if you look at the Wii sales contributions for major publishers like EA, the revenues have fallen off a cliff. That said, French publisher Ubisoft remains a big believer in the Wii, thanks to their success with the Just Dance games and what they hope will be a huge launch with Michael Jackson: The Experience (shipping Nov. 23).

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donniebaseball2813d ago

Ubi's right, the Wii is still #1 by a big margin and Ubi seems to know how to leverage that audience at least.

Sinner101GR2813d ago

Still though, sales are in free-fall. That console is no good.

donniebaseball2813d ago

We'll see how much it's in free-fall this Christmas. It typically is huge at holiday time. If it's not, then we know for sure it's really in trouble

Seferoth752813d ago

You poor delusional fanboys... It must suck to be so pathetic you have to make up your own reality.

Mahr2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

It's nice that Ubisoft is not going to sound the death knell on the Wii. It's not as nice that Ubisoft been trying to bury the Wii alive beneath six feet of shovelware for the past four years.

na-no-nai2813d ago

be nice if ubisoft back that up with very great games that are more core-like.