EA to ‘absolutely support’ Mirror’s Edge as an IP

TVGB: "It’s been many months since we’ve heard anything on that Mirror’s Edge follow-up. Eight even. It’s only reassuring to learn then that EA hasn’t developed an itch to discard the franchise."

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Xandet2694d ago

I took time out of my day to login at work just to disagree with you.

That is all.

Monolith2694d ago

I logged on just to agree with you. Mirrors edge is one multiplat i really enjoyed

Acquiescence2694d ago

because the agree & disagree ratio for your comment speaks volumes and will hopefully encourage EA to give this IP another game. Mirror's Edge obviously has its fanbase.

Perjoss2694d ago

"Don't, it sucked."

you could not be more wrong even if you studied the art of being wrong for 3 years.

MagicAccent2694d ago

I too took time out of my day to login just to agree with you in your disagreeing.

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mrv3212694d ago

I know you didn't shoot a dude in the face every 10 seconds it totally sucked. /sarcasm

Gambit072694d ago

I don't play the kinds of games your talking about, ME had a good concept & style, but bad execution, the gameplay was like a glorified Dragon's Lair.

Sitris2694d ago

The game looked good, but was very repedative, the time trials where the best part, but the story mode sucked. The sequel could be a good game, if they made a good story mode to go along with the game

Thecraft19892694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

I think more to with the difference he put his opinion across than you. When you don't like something dose not always mean it sucks it just means that its not for you. Mirror edge has fans so its obvious it dose not suck its just your his type of game.

tinybigman2694d ago

where's my sequel i loved this game.

frjoethesecond2694d ago

Ima takin away your bubbles.

OhMyGandhi2694d ago

Bring on Mirror's Edge 2!
I all for a game that's different.

zeddy2694d ago

great game with an awesome atmosphere, shame that it was only 5 hours long but those 5 hours are totally worth it.

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raztad2695d ago

ME is an awesome idea with a somewhat flawed execution. Good game tho. Improve the shooting aspect of it, perhaps integrate it more tightly into the platforming and ME2 will be substantially better.

Sheikh Yerbouti2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Can't you just play Brink. j/k

I loved Mirror's Edge, but not killing a lot of people in the game made me feel I didn't achieve anything but run my ass off and save my sister at the end. The gameplay at the end had what you need in a sequel - running and shooting/melee(choice is yours).

The "Still Alive" end song was as dope as the "Still Alive" song in Portal, and Ropeburn is still my favorite name for a NPC this generation.

raztad2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Hope Brink is actually good. The SMART system sounds promising.

The shooting aspect in ME was pretty weak. Unless they scrap it altogether I'd say it got to be improved.

The other thing is ME relays too much on trial and error platforming. It is amazing when it works but frustrating when it doesnt, and it doesnt work (at least for me) most of the time. Sometimes wasnt clear the path to follow.

Caffo012694d ago

loved trial and error...ME is one of the few games that need skill this gen and i don't want it to be changed in order to appeal more ppl...

ct032694d ago

I seriously don't remember you could shoot in Mirror's Edge. I always evaded all enemies because that seemed to be the right thing to do.

Sheikh Yerbouti2694d ago

There was a part of the game you had to use a shoot out a window. LOL

ct032694d ago

Wow, I just watched a Youtube video that shows some of the weapons in Mirror's Edge, and I can now say:

I NEVER USED A WEAPON when I played through this game because for some reason I wasn't aware you could.

I'm not sure how embarassing this is, but seriously, I had a heck of a lot of fun playing this game and running away from the enemies.

Xandet2694d ago

You just accomplished what the devs wanted from the start.. not firing a single shot through the entire story mode was an achievement/trophy, even. DICE knows their guns. They have made some great shooters, and the lack of emphasis on gunplay in ME was intended.

kneon2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

There is no need to shoot people in this game, and I say leave it the way it is for the sequel. It shouldn't be a significant part of the game so keeping the shooting as is will discourage people from playing it like an FPS. You can shoot if you want but it's going to suck, and that's ok.

Human Analog2694d ago

Improving the shooting!?! It looks like you missed the point of the game. The next one should not even allow you to pick up a gun. Now THAT would be a bold and ballsy move. But it would also be a very different game on the already cluttered landscape of shooters.

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AKissFromDaddy2695d ago

:-), just add cool gun game-play.

wohoo2694d ago

I'd say take away the gameplay altogether :)

Coheno2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

I Agree! Worst part of that game was the shooting! Take it out! It's not about shooting, and don't put me in senarios where I will need it!

Also, Mirrors Edge 2 must be in development somewhere at DICE, but since they're working on BFBC2 DLC, MoH multi and Battlefield 3, it must be the lowest priority amongst all the FPS'!

LumpsRGood2694d ago

Make it for a reason other than just wanting to drain it dry of money.

dgroundwater2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Right. I just hope it is not 'mainstreamed' to try and grab more sales. Basically, I think it needs more customization / freedom for the sequel to appeal to a bigger crowd.

Notice I didn't say "online multiplayer" or anything. I just hope EA won't sell-out the game to the deathmatch crowd like Dead Space 2 and Bioshock 2 did.

Keltik822694d ago

Liked the game myself. I thought it was a nice change. I'm actually a Free Runner myself so I totally enjoyed the atmosphere of the game.

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