The Fight Playstation Move Gameplay ( actual game )

The Upcoming anticipated playstation Move Exclusive game THE FIGHT is due on november 11th in NA , here is a actual gameplay from the game's single player mode

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Pennywise2818d ago

Looks okay... but is he playing with one Move.

Vo_Cal2818d ago

Serious? I dont care what platform its on.. It needs to die!!

Bigpappy2817d ago

It needs to start all over, seriously. It is a good idea that needs some time to be realised. At this point it looks like they just want to get something out there.

Killed4Less2817d ago

looks okay? man, if this was a Kinect game you would have the tar and feather out. Vo_Cal is right, that garbage needs to die and if Uncaged is like this I will say the same thing.

kx112818d ago

yeah you need two move controllers to play this one right but IGN gave it 3/10

Killed4Less2817d ago

So I have to buy yet another controller to play this game properly?? That's over $150 dollars with the stater pack at $99 and a 2nd Move controller at $50 plus tax. I won't even mention a navigator.

ZombieAssassin2817d ago

Uh everything you do in gaming requires you to spend money, if you have a problem with that find another hobby...i hear collecting rocks is back in.

NAGNEWS2818d ago

the move con-troller works great but the fighting is to slow

Vo_Cal2818d ago

Cant believe i just wasted 6 minutes of my life watching that sheet. This game needs to die!

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The story is too old to be commented.