GATT - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Review

Being a huge Castlevania fan up until Super Castlevania IV, We have been patiently awaiting a new coming so to speak of this game for almost 3 generations now. When I, GATT's GamerX got word that a review copy was coming our way, I snagged the opportunity to play what should be an amazing game in it’s own respect. What did I learn? That with the right production studios, MercurySteam and Kojima Studios behind them helm, you can make an amazing epic tale.

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Focker4202784d ago

Trying to fly through it before Black Ops comes out but I'm only half way through. Lots of grinding remains.

GamerXGATT2783d ago

Yep just the first boss takes up at least 15 + hours (if you are playing harder than easy) Second and Third go by a little quicker; However it will be the puzzles that end up slowing you down.