SEMA: Pursuit of perfection keeps Gran Turismo 5 in the pits

Nov. 2 was the latest release date announced for Gran Turismo 5, but it has sadly come and gone with still no game on store shelves. Needless to say, frustration in the gaming and automotive circles is high, and Sony hasn't come forward with a new date yet.

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cobraagent2724d ago

From the interview

"Do we have a new release date?

There should be an announcement sometime soon.

Will we be playing it by Christmas?

I think so.

I know you're trying to push GT5 out the door. Is development underway on GT6?


I don't like the "I think so" answer

gigaware2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

Assuming the "disc stamp" statement was the truth to begin with.

InfectedDK2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

Well the "disc stamping" as I see it is the discs getting labelled, just so they can make it quicker when the data is going to be put on them LOL!

However just release the game when it's done and not before.

No matter if it's gonna be 2010 or 2011 it'll be GOTY!

irepbtown2724d ago

Come on guys. It's been given GOLD STATUS. Which means it could be released end of this month or start of next.

Gran Turismo 5

ryuzu2724d ago

No.... I wonder how much say Kaz has now anyway. "Assuming" the disc pressing statement was accurate, from here on out it may be down to Sony exactly when the trigger is pulled.

Difficult to believe they'd hold it back just for marketing reasons though.


ThatArtGuy2724d ago

It depends on how the "I think so," was said. Was it with a knowing smile? Was it matter-of-fact? Etc.

It's all in the inflection.


Actually makes sense to me.

GT has been a system seller for PS brand, guys on suit know that they can make a lot more sales if they hold it 'till mid December (just before Xmas) and market it right. If that is the case we should start seeing ads with a release date late next week or the other week after.

I'll wait for it anyway, the money for this and a wheel is sitting on the piggy bank.

Strikepackage Bravo2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

"Sorry, but we have to get to this. Nov. 2 was the last release date for Gran Turismo 5. What's the reason for the latest delay?"

WTF, why does he apologize? that is a more than fair question, seeing as how this is a huge game, and Poly and Sony are basically screwing with consumers in pulling back release dates and still not giving a new one.

What is wrong with white westerners, why do they feel that they owe anyone and everyone who happens to be from the east some kind of extra respect. If this was Bungie or Epic keeping millions in the dark about release dates of Halo or Gears, the media would be collectively calling them douche bags and DEMANDING answers from them.

But just because the guy is from Japan, he gets extra respect while he spits in our faces, pathetic. Not trying to be racist or anything, just observing.

2724d ago
Dark-Cloud2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

i belive that you think you are better then us ... respect won't heart anyone , respect everyone and they will do alots of things for you but saying that only going to make you worst and no one will respect you ...
you hate him because he's from japan ? .. why you said he spits in our faces ? .. why would he do something like that ? .. he's just trying to make a good game and he respect us too , sony and kaz Apologies for the delay , look at here :

i don't like cars but GT5 changed that , i respect what he's doing , he's trying to make something special , he's not making a normal game , i love it because they work so hard on it and they make it hard , they don't care if the gameplay is hard or easy , they want it realistic and you guys saying this game sucks because someone couldn't handle the car in the video , i hate when someone do that ... people act like apes , they don't know what they are saying !! ..

Strikepackage Bravo2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

with respecting the man so long as you give the same benefit of the doubt to the great western developers.

Come on face it, if this guy was Cliff B. everyone would be saying he is lying, he is just trying to somehow get more cash out of the deal, MS payed him off, or he just plain hates gamers. Cliff works hard to bring us great games just like this guy does, you could even argue Cliff works harder, because it is rare big games in the west get last minute delays, with no sign of a future release date, especially from the likes of Bungie, Epic or Naughty Dog, so why do we trash our own and put Japanese developers on a pedestal.

Either respect them all equally or trash them all equally.

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frankymv2724d ago

Sony, you really need to say SOMETHING.

LevDog2724d ago

Im not a fan of racing games.. But I do respect the Insane detail GT has put into the genre.. As a outsider.. My 2 cents are.. Sony or Devs arent scared to say a game has been pushed back.. They have always just came out and said it.. Reading the lil articles around I get the feeling they are trying to surprise release it.. sooner than later..

They know its one of the biggest franchises in gaming.. You wont hear crap about it.. then a sudden commerical appear and all hell will break loose..

I say this because.. Sony is not afraid of saying a game isnt ready.. They are being sneaky for a reason..

ikral2724d ago

Yea Sonyboy, it aint funny anymore.

DanteKnightsTemplar2724d ago

this game.....YESTERDAY already

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