Microsoft issues significant fix for Vista graphics memory overflows

"Out of Memory" errors conjure up dark reminders of DOS and the 640 KB limit, but that's exactly what some Windows Vista users have been experiencing when running some of the latest games. The hard limit of a 4GB address space-split in 32-bit Windows operating systems into 2GB for the OS and 2GB for each application-was getting filled up because of a bug in Vista's handling of virtualized graphics card memory. Now, Microsoft has issued a hotfix for the problem that, at least in initial testing, appears to fix the Out of Memory errors. The hotfix is still considered to be "under testing" and so will not end up in Windows Update, although it will almost certainly be part of Vista SP1.

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gta_cb4129d ago

well at least there trying to sort out the problem, even tho it shouldnt have been there in the first place with over 5 years to create Vista

s8anicslayer4129d ago

vista is crap, i've had problems ever since i got it,switched back to xp

BIadestarX4129d ago

Let me guess... you try installing vista in some made by you clone PC... which didnt happen to have hardware designed by the manufacturers to run vista... mmm.... uhhh.... I think you are crap... I have 2 PC at home runing vista and I have no problem... every hardware in them is certified for vista... all drivers.. I also have 2 other PC runing XP... I am not stupid enough to install vista, cross my fingers and hope it works.... just like OSX for MAC... you just don't install it on any hardware you feel like it... it will simply not work... what do you expect Vista to do miracles?

nomad1174129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

that memory problem just happend to me yesterday
EDIT: bladestar i have bought a computer ready for vista but i still get all sorts of bugs and glitches why because vista is crap its new and i really really really HATE IT!!!

Amp4129d ago

MS make a defective product? say it aint so!