How PSN Stacks Up To Live

PS3Center: "So as always I was browsing around the internet looking at the hottest topics out there, and found something common is yet again getting hot. The whole PlayStation Network vs Xbox Live is back at it once again. I read an article over at another site that tries to justify the price tag slapped on Xbox Live. So I thought, why not look at it in a different light and see just how PlayStation Network stacks up? Afterall we are not trying to promote a Xbox Live subscription give away here."

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PS3ROCKS2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

We go again .

ryuzu2814d ago

<sigh> Look I'll sum it up real easy.

PSN gives you 90% of the equivalent functions of Live, at 0% of the cost.



MinskyM2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

LOL, no. It is cute though that you are tying to suggest PSN is somehow this subset of Microsoft's pay for P2P gaming service.


* Free online play for every single console owner

* Standard dedicated servers for all competitive online games

* Massive online games sizes thanks to the standard dedicated servers

* Developer friendly to mods

* Developer friendly to free content

* The massive 20 million user Home online service

* The Platinum,Gold,Silver,Bronze Trophy system

The true test of an online service is asking the simple question:

Would you swap your service for the other?

Would any PS3 or PC gamer give up PSN or PC online gaming for 60 dollar a year laggy P2P online gaming?

HeavenlySnipes2814d ago

really, REALLY have to have X- Game Chat then enjoy paying 59.99. Just be happy knowing it all goes towards promoting Kinect and getting timed exclusives. Whatever though, i'm not paying.

GamingGamer2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

the main draw for the XBL is the multiplayer...

but thing is PSN has same servers as XBL because it is the publishers who decide dedicated server or not.

so basically, you pay to get same servers that PSN has.

also, you cant deny that if Mutiplayer was free, most people would drop XBL gold sub.

and this article is prob response to Cody's article. and he lied that XBL has better gaming server.

HeavenlySnipes2814d ago

I honestly think that all platforms (haven't played on PC online before) are equally laggy. When used to play online on the 360 when I had the free 3 montrhs of Gold, I found that the games lagged just as much as they did on my ps3. People try to act as if MW2 on the ps3 laggs and times out but on the 360 its the smoothest game ever. The games are just as fucked up on both platforms.

Godmars2902814d ago

I'll make it easier for you: one's only accessible through the PS3, the other the 360.

If you only own one system, you can only access one service. If you own both, you have the option of toying around with PSN without paying anything.

kaveti66162814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

"* Standard dedicated servers for all competitive online games

* Massive online games sizes thanks to the standard dedicated servers

* Developer friendly to mods

* Developer friendly to free content "

Bullshit filler?

Oh, disagrees.

Does every online competitive game on PSN have dedicated servers?

Uncharted 2 runs on p2p servers, and pretty much every online multiplat game runs on p2p servers.

Are massive online games exclusive to PSN? Hasn't it been proven already that XBL also supports dedicated servers if the developer wishes, and doesn't this mean that it is under the developer's discretion to create large multiplayer match games, like Frontlines?

And 'developer friendly to mods?' How many games have mod support on PSN?

UT3 and...?

'Developer friendly to free content'? That's cool. I don't recall any free map packs for Uncharted 2. I paid for them all. And for Killzone 2.

That's all bullshit. And the guy who wrote it joined less than a day ago. He's just another multi-account fanboy.

MeatPopsicle2814d ago

Resistance 1 - dedicated servers 20vs20 online
Resistance 2 - dedicated servers 30vs30 online
Warhawk - dedicated servers 20vs20 online
Killzone 2 - dedicated servers 16vs16 online
KIllzone 3 - dedicated servers 16vs16 online

Every single major PS3 online game has standard dedicated servers. Just like on the PC.

Halo 3 - P2P 8vs8 online
Gears of War - P2P 4vs4 online
Gears of War 2 - P2P 5vs5 online

With Microsoft's billions and hundreds of millions in online fees they force people to play games online you would think they could at least provide an online service that is up to Sony's standards.

corneliuscrust2814d ago


WTF is wrong with you?

"Every single major PS3 online game has standard dedicated servers. Just like on the PC."

Does Uncharted2? NO. Then you are INCORRECT. STOP SPREADING FUD. WTF man.

creatchee2814d ago

Totally agree, because you're speaking the truth. People who say that PSN is dedicated servers-only have not done their homework. True - a lot of first-party games do utilize them, but multiplats (and some exclusives) run P2P just like LIVE. I like dedicated servers in general (although SOCOM: Confrontation's were bullshit for the first 6+ months), but that doesn't mean that P2P is bad - especially nowadays where most games find the best host before the game even starts.

MeatPopsicle2814d ago

Uncharted 2 is single player game with a nice little bonus multiplayer element.

But hey, it's understandable that people who are being forced to pay 60 dollars a year for laggy P2P online gaming feel the need to lash out and direct their anger somewhere.

kaveti66162814d ago

Does Black Ops on PS3 have dedicated servers?

Does Modern Warfare on PS3 have dedicated servers?

How many times must it be said, Microsoft has stated that XBL supports dedicated servers but it's up to the developer or publisher.

Sony doesn't provide free dedicated servers to any third party publishers.

And you're downplaying Uncharted 2's MP mode as being a nice little bonus? Fuck off, man. UC2's MP mode is great and is supported by map packs. you're just trying to say that it's not important for Sony to give UC2 dedicated servers because it's not a core MP game, right? Is that your mentality?

hiredhelp2814d ago

very true. only thing needed to pay mainly is rentals on movies and psn +

MeatPopsicle2813d ago

Call of Duty?

LOL! Kiddie arcade shooters with massive amounts of auto-aim so the little lamers can hit stuff.

Dedicated, P2P. Don't give a F.

wsoutlaw872813d ago

now all the xbox guys are trying to argue live is just as good for multiplat games, not that its better. The point in the article had nothing to do with multiplat because they are equal p2p. The only thing is that sony offers dedicated servers on a lot of their exclusives and Microsoft doesn't even do it for halo, which most people buy for mp. So why should live be 60$, the price of a full game.

ShinMaster2813d ago

Which console has the most lag???
Which exclusive game has the most lag???

Vicodin2813d ago

"Which console has the most lag???
Which exclusive game has the most lag???"

If your online game is P2P based then you are at the mercy of whatever random user is hosting the game. If they are running torrents or someone else at their house starts using their connection the game suffers and lag and other problems happen.

Games like Gears of War were plagued with lag and other problems due to its use of outdated P2P type technology.

Playing the major online games on PSN like Resistance and Killzone feels very much like playing on a lan thanks to the dedicated servers.

Pyscho_Mantis2813d ago

wow this is the same articale from that 360 fanboy on this website forgot his name. something didyo..?

moparful992813d ago

warhawk supports up to 32 players... I buried over 700 hours into that game and the servers, while inconsistent in the begining, are near bulletproof as of 2008.... But the whole dedicated servers debate is rather silly, the publishers decided what kind of server set up to use because they are the ones paying for it.. MOst companies utilize client servers.. They pay a company to run and maintain servers off site since it's cheaper but is less efficient... But yes there are a few big name titles for the ps3 that use dedicated servers...

BubloZX2813d ago

I mean come on I shouldn't have to pay to play COD online!!!!

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vhero2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

LOL @ PS3ROCKS I was thinking exactly the same thing when I read the title I ain't even gonna bother as everybody has there own slant when comparing. At the end of the day who would seriously pay for Live if online gaming didn't come as part of the package? I tell you NONE! The fanboys will say different but they wouldn't. So as great as each service is people only pay for live because they want to play online not because its a superior service or whatever END OF.

reckoner2814d ago

the only people worried about paying for Xbox Live are PS3 fanboys. Do I wish it was free like PSN? Yes. But it's a great service, and most of my friends have it, so I'll continue paying for it.

SoSLy2813d ago

this is the 100293902831928th article about PSN vs Live.

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SpinalRemains1382814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Excellent article, man. I really enjoyed an honest perspective. I haven't logged onto Live for over 2 years, but all of what you wrote rang true with my experience.

The argument of PS3 being down all the time is simply insane. In the 4 years I've owned and gamed on it, I have encountered 1 time (about 1 year ago) where I could not log on. It was maybe noon and I couldn't get on for about an hour. That was the only time. A lot of what I read around here is not even in the realm of exaggeration. They're flat out lies.

vhero2814d ago

I don't know where that comes from to be fair I never have problems either. Only time I had it down is for scheduled maintenance which to be fair is about as much as it is on live and when there was the clock problem earlier this year in which i didn't bother switching my ps3 on all day for anyways lol.

thrust2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

for online gaming with friends = xbox live

for online gaming solo = psn

@minskym , psn= online PC gaming hahahaha thats the best i have heard all year. ohhhhhh a little bit of wee came out then.

MinskyM2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

for online gaming with 20 year olds screaming racial and homophobic slurs with laggy P2P networking = xbox live

for serious online players who won't settle for anything but online PC style gaming with lagfree dedicated servers = psn

It really is ironic that Sony is the console company that provides the same type of high level of online gaming quality Windows gamers expect and demand.

Free online gaming
Dedicated servers
Mod friendly
Free content friendly

Free online gaming
Dedicated servers
Mod friendly
Free content friendly

60 dollar a year online fees
Laggy P2P networking
Mod hostile
Free content hostile

Yep, PSN is nothing like PC gaming...

kaveti66162814d ago

Haha, you joined less than a day ago?

What was your previous account, if you don't mind me asking?

reckoner2813d ago

taken to a whole other level.

I've found many immature kids on PSN as well.

Kanadajin2814d ago

for online gaming with friends = xbox live

For those who have no friends;
online gaming = xbox live

dtrain212814d ago

PSn needs a lot of stacking...PSN can't compete wit LIVE

BubloZX2813d ago


all PSN needs is party chat, and ESPN which I have a tv for sooooo not worth @60.

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