TVs, New Space, and more coming to PS Home this week

PS.Blog writes:

"This Thursday, November 4th, members of the PlayStation Home community can own real estate in one of the most glamorous and exclusive zip codes in the world when Sony Pictures Home Entertainment launches the all new “Hollywood Hills House” personal space."

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Nitrowolf22784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

"Invite up to 11 friends at a time into one of your two home theaters and watch clips from some of your favorite movies, trailers, Minisodes and exclusive content from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Sony Pictures Releasing and Crackle. "

wait could we always share video? If not i hope this is true and they mean our clips from our HDD. Sony needs to get Netflix Streaming inside of Home, that would make me use Home more

Edited: Come on Sony give us HDD music and HDD video streaming via through HOME in our space. Well at least they are making progress, now we are able to view video inside of other people homes.

GamerSciz2784d ago

I remember way back when they said eventually you could stream a movie from your HDD through a "in-Home" tv and then just make it full screen. The benefit of this is if you invite your friends over to your Home Space you could in theory watch a movie with friends from around the world. That would be awesome.

MeatPopsicle2784d ago

"We certainly encourage you all to view this content not just in terms of what is immediately available at launch but also consider what this could mean in terms of future possibilities. As with many things in Home, development is ongoing…"

In other words streaming from local drives is coming.

kneon2784d ago

I doubt there is any technical issue preventing this, I expect it all has to do with copyrights

soundslike2784d ago

streaming in home isn't really up to snuff in general though, so the buffering times could be the killer

zoks3102784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Yes! Finally TV's, now I can finish decorating my spaces. I hope they add a freature that allows me to invite over my friends and we can watch movies that are on each other ps3's while in ps home, everyboy in one room chatting and laughing all together.

That would be awesome..

Godmars2902784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I'm half tempted to get the Hollywood space for the viewing screen/room, but then I want to show my own videos.

Shame on you Sony for teasing us like this - for shame!

No, this isn't about sharing videos but Sony piping in whatever content they choose. Mainly trailers.

If they were serious about this - which they should have been long ago - they'd be selling BIG screen HDTV that uploaded content from your PS3's HDD.

mushroomwig2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Nooo, that's why more spaces are coming. Pfft..

Like the gif? I made it myself just now, I had no idea it would come in handy so quickly.

NarooN2784d ago

Goddamn, sounds like a personal attack or something. I'd use Home, but I don't like spending real money on fake clothing and homes.

rekof2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

They should give/invite us to Home to watch some of their movies streamed,.. At least once a month,.. Make it happen Sony,..(It's your damn movies) It would be a cool time to hang out in home and comment on the movie afterwords with people and socialize,..
Not just some damn podcasts and trailers,..

and holly shit waiting in lines for games? ok ,.. when was reality fun,..

jizzyjones2784d ago

Let me know when it gets MOVE and TROPHY support and maybe something to do.

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The story is too old to be commented.