God of War 3's Deleted Scenes

1UP's Matt Leone talks to Sony Santa Monica's Stig Asmussen and Steve Caterson about features cut from the final version of God of War 3.

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Nitrowolf22787d ago

lol wtf the first puzzle you hear a guy say "I want beer"

8-bit2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Scenes should never have been deleted... The game should have never been 8 hours, needs more content. The game play, graphics, story and so on are all amazing but short.

@disagrees, I am not dissing GOW3.. in fact I am doing the opposite, I wanted more. Is that so bad?

mike90772787d ago

well my first playthrough of the game was around 15 hours but that was cuz i started on titan and the damn flame cerebrus was soo effing hard that and those goat things. The game was very awesome still my favorite ps3 exclusive

thehitman2787d ago

the game how it should be played on hardest difficulty game felt far from short and was happy with the length of it. Hopefully however they give us the deleted as DLC which they said would be free if they ever finished it hope they finish it and hold their word on that.

DasBunker2787d ago

gameplay and story were far better in GOWII IMO... was disappointed with the narrative and some of the finishers were not as [email protected]$$ in GOWIII.. in terms of scale and design were OK, but it was GOWIII on PS3 so that was a given for me.. corey or whatever his name was should have stayed as director

ExplosionSauce2787d ago

The game was long enough for me. About 12 or so hours.

ChineseDemocracy2787d ago

Don't even get me started on that flame cerebrus; that thing was like actually the most frustrating thing in the world (ESPECIALLY on titan). The only way I ever managed to beat that stage was because of the (Gorgon, I think) magic that turned those doublebladed badasses to stone.

Loved GOWIII so much that I decided to platinum it, easily spent 50+ hours on a supposed "8 hour game".

No Way2787d ago

So, the game was meant to be played on hardest difficulty? Right..
So, if that's the case, then why make easier difficulties? Duh.

nickjkl2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

no way its obvious for those that just want a casual play through a game i like to play my games on the easiest and hardest diffficultys

i play the easiest difficulty for the objectives graphics hidden secrets environments and a chance to find other ways to complete the goal

and then i play the hardest difficulty once i have found all the secrets etc making it alot easier since im pretty used to the controls and know the environments

No Way2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Lol, I understand that.. I'm not stupid.
But, games aren't "meant" to be played on Hard.
Cause if that was the "way" to play, then well..
The people that just wanna play for fun, are 'losing out.'

I only play hardest difficulty games if:
1. The Normal, or whatever, is too easy.
2. To get a challenge, out of a game I really like.

But, like I've seen some people say, in COD posts..
I think it'd be interesting to make the 'hardest' difficulty,
A different game, to say. Add things such as:
- New missions (Available only on Hardest.)
- Altered missions (Different location, ect.)
- Maybe an extra enemy or two.
- Possibly a different weapon.

If those things would happen, than I'd agree..
That, the Hardest Difficulty is the way to play.
But, none of that happens, there is no difference.
Well.. expect added frustration. Fun fun fun.

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raztad2787d ago

Come on, wtf? Zeus vs Kratos vs Gaia >>>>>> documentary. It saddens me greatly they cut that fight off.

Nitrowolf22787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

i hope they release dlc although that is highly unlikely

I would so pay for these missing stage

CryWolf2787d ago

yea I'm piss off about that to, I mean come on that fight would have been a lot better if you could have fight Zeus VS Gaid VS Kratos WTF!!!!

Sony's Santa Monica better release this sh!t as DLC.

Eamon2787d ago

yeah, it'd be interesting to play in a proper 3 way fight instead of fighting Zeus inside Gaia.

shadow27972787d ago

You misunderstood, the fight wasn't cut because of the documentary, the deleted scenes just didn't make it into the documentary because the scenes were cut so late.

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zeddy2787d ago

the reason its only 8 hours is because it took them 3 years to develop, it would take them another 2 to 3 years to add another 12 hours to the game.

nickjkl2786d ago

thats the dumbest thing ever it was only 8 hours because from planning to end result it was only 8 hours

they could of easily added a bunch of stuff for no reason but that would just delay the ending and make people mad

DigitalAnalog2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

The first IP (See Uncharted) is always an time issue to get things right. It's only the sequel that irons out the flaws of the engine and where it actually truly shines (Uncharted, inFamous 2, Killzone 3, etc)

But Kudos for SSM for making an ALREADY competing engine on their first go. I can't imagine what they could do when the engine is refined even further.

Although I would've prefered they focused their priority on Gaia and make her body and ENTIRE level in itself while she's traversing the mountain making it some truly EPIC vertical fight/actions sequences. (like the original trailer)

-End statement

MiloGarret2786d ago

@Chinese democracy

It took you 50 hours to platinum this game?!!? Wow, I thought I sucked at videogames. Didn't even take me two playthroughs, pathetic, haven't touched it since.

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Wolf8732787d ago

Why did they 'need' to cut either one of the 3 battles. The more the merrier, it's not like one battle would have overshadowed another. It would have been more fun to have that 3 way battle in the end as it was the last battle: the finale. Ugh, I hope they release it as an addon, they said it months ago and we haven't seen it yet.

HeavenlySnipes2787d ago

If you watch the dev vids after the game is completed you see that NEAR FREAKIN JANUARY they were still doing the Posiedon level. (They show dates) anfd the ame wasn't released until a few months later. Thats why as you progress in the game the boss battles become less and less epic than the one before. They also hd to cut some minor Gods to make room for the major ones and the last boss fight was supposed to be onto off Gaia. You were supposed to be fighting Gaia and Zeus at the same time but like I said they wanted to meet the release date. I would have tolerated the delay personally.

visualb2787d ago

will it ever come out? or will the DLC be huge? that would make sense...but thats it...where is the DLC?

xtremexx2787d ago

Would be so awesome if it did

Greek God2787d ago

i think we wont get anything this late..-.-

mike90772787d ago

well today they came out with some awesome skins and new challenges but unfortunately no added story =(

kingboy2787d ago

yea but a little bit too pricey to get all excited again

rdgneoz32787d ago

Free skin and challenges for me :)

GoldPS32787d ago

I don't think it need DLC. The game was awesome enough. I don't get why people expect every game to have DLC?

kingjoker342787d ago

I expected DLC cause it said DLC on the box...

yewles12787d ago

Didn't you check the PS Store today? Well, the US Store at least...

visualb2787d ago

I mean WTF!? total bummer =(

rdgneoz32787d ago

Heavy Rain was because Sony wanted them to do Move, which made them have no time for the other DLC. They did get one DLC out there luckily.

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