Kinect: Put the Controller Down

Kinect’s technology and business plans invite a healthy dose of skepticism. First up, there’s the price. If you want to get into Kinect gaming, you have one of two options. The device and a pack-in game, Kinect Adventures, retails for $149. The console bundle sells for $299, which includes Kinect, Kinect Adventures, and an Xbox 360 S with 4GB of storage space.

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cochise3132758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I'll pass. I'll stick to the regular controller. Can someone explain to me how i could play alan wake or halo with this thing?

darthv722758d ago

I will ask you one better. Can someone explain to me how i could play God of War 3 or warhawk with move?

@the title: it should be something like this. Kinect: Put the controller down, for a little while.

By that little revision is to state that while there will be kinect games, not ALL of them will be without the controller. If people think there will not be hybrid games involving both then they are sadly mistaken.

The first games will obviously be selling the concept of "You Are The Controller". I think that is the part most are having a hard time stomaching. As development gets more creative, we will see the "CORE" games people are complaining about not seeing.

As with anything, it just takes time and understanding where the limitations are. I am sure by E3 we will be seeing a multitude of new games that are both controller/kinect and just kinect for both core and casual.

To try and justify the device to a game that it wasnt made for it pure stupidity. I could say just wait and see but nobody on this site has any patience.

GamingGamer2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

avoids talking about lag/latency, glitches and inaccuracy problems completely???


yea warhawk. you can move to point on fps.

and when you are flying jet, you can control by how you position Move. example, if you flip move to side, it does turn over move and such.

i really dont get your skepticism. move is fairly incorporate into games.

it seems that your fanboyism is blinding you.

himdeel2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

...all the Kinect previews seem to read as if they are being polite about what they're experiencing but not so much critical of the feasibility of the hardware itself. If that makes sense. It leads me to believe that the NDA for Kinect is made of adamantium :)

EDIT: Voice activated gaming is next in line. You don't have to move around at all so all you have to do is just say, "Run, jump, strafe left, strafe right, duck, shoot, shoot, reload."

darthv722758d ago

thanks for the clarity on warhawk. I havent played it with move. I did think about that one after i posted it. Duh it should work.

Anyways, you think I am skeptical about move? In honesty I am not. I am just tired of the slandering of the kinect. It doesnt need to happen and shows the insecurity of others.

I was trying to come up with a whitty comeback to Cochise's comment. Should have thought of a different game to go along with GoW. I will take my disagrees for not knowing my facts about that game.

But seriously, all this hate towards move, kinect and even the wii when it came out. People should just play the games they like instead of going to such extremes.

It is understandable the skepticism others have towards kinect because obviously it has these cheesy games with it. They just need to have faith that there will be better ones along the way.

Imperator2758d ago

I'll put this as simple as I possibly can. I could care less how much Kinect sells or how much MS makes, I AM NOT A STOCKHOLDER.

I bash Kinect becuase it's literally killing core gaming on the 360. Look at 2011. The only worthwhile 360 game is Gears 3 and that's it!!! Can't you see what Kinect is doing? Sure, it may be fun but trust me it grows old after an hour or so and then what? You're left with a console that no longer has the games you bought it for (core games). That's what pisses me off.

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maniacmayhem2758d ago

I don't think you're suppose to.
Why would you want to play Alan Wake or Halo with Kinect anyways?

maniacmayhem2758d ago

Well your point doesn't make sense.

Those games are not designed to play with Kinect so what is your point?

cochise3132758d ago

my point is that microsoft won't cater to the hardcore anymore. we'll be stick with bullsh!t games. you can't possibly tell me kinect adventures and kinectimals look exciting.

maniacmayhem2758d ago

Have you seen the advertising and what the target audience is? The Kinect isn't meant for the hardcore.

They never made it anymore clearer that they want the soccer moms and whole family types!

It amazes me people see this and still complain that MS left the hardcore out in the cold. There are still hardcore games coming to the 360.

If Kinect isn’t for you then don’t get it.

im-12-years-old2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

perfect time for this pic

lol @ disagrees people don't realize i was just showing how ass hurt maniacmayhem is... i love littlebigplanet

cochise3132758d ago

what hardcore games are coming out that are not multiplats, beside gears 3?

Active Reload2758d ago

Are you asking that question because you want to post a PS3 list, after someone answers your question?

im-12-years-old2758d ago

it's a obvious rhetorical question...

Kaneda2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

If you are a hardcore gamers.. if you don't want kinect then don't get kinect... M$ is just expanding their market to casual gamers. I am sure M$ will still have Halo and GoW in the future..

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thrust2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

you not meant to play them games on this!

i can nto wait to play kinect with my wife it going to be great fun.

and telling my xbox what to do is the future of tech imo, tv soon will take voice commands tv channel SKY1 HD.

"xbox, sky player" :D hahaha can not wait.

@rekof, the voice works very well, cumbersome tell me how?

rekof2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

That is a hell of expensive and cumbersome remote,...

@dtrain21,.. Bro it is you who are paying for this,.. PS3 fans are doing you a favor some willingly some less,.. believe me,.. This Kinect stuff isn't good for both gamers,..

limewax2758d ago

No offence but the idea of talking to all my househeld aplliances to get them working freaks me out, Imagine your on the toilet shouting to someone through the door something to do with 'camera' and 'facebook'. Theres so many ways it could pick up on unwanted commands.

In a less sarcy sense, what about if you move your arm in the wrong way or say something that you didnt it to pick up. I would hate to tell the dog to stop in the middle of watching a movie

8-bit2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

" I would hate to tell the dog to stop in the middle of watching a movie"

Kevin Butler mentioned something along those lines..

"Pause.. That's a pretty important function right there."

"But what if I just shout Pause? Without a button, Great idea! Because there's no way that could back fire.."

"Imagine you are boxing, and your friend passes by, and shouts Pause? Because he is a jerk like that.. Tragic"


kaveti66162758d ago

""Imagine you are boxing, and your friend passes by, and shouts Pause? Because he is a jerk like that.. Tragic"


So Kinect sucks because your friend is a douchebag?

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kaveti66162758d ago

The idea is that they will make games specifically for this controller, and it will appeal to somebody in some way, and they will buy it.

Can you explain to me why I would prefer to play Killzone 3 with the Move instead of a DS3?

Also, neither Alan Wake nor Halo support Kinect, so the immediate answer to your question, which has been asked about three thousand times since Natal was announced, is that you can't play Alan Wake or Halo using Kinect because the device does not support those games.

number472758d ago

Whether or not you prefer more precise aiming, is up to you. But the option is there.. You can also see the Socom Demos.

Kinect's launching a whole new 'brand' of games basically ignoring the brand of games that were created for the core 360 audience. The games will always be on rails & Wii experiences due to the simplicity of using your body as a controller. You can only do so much in so many known gaming genres with a webcam.

Of course, 360 fans have all now turned casual... so this falls on deaf ears.

Enjoy kinectimals!

kaveti66162758d ago

So what if Kinect isn't compatible with core games?

Did Microsoft stop selling a standard controller with their consoles?

How has MS stopped supporting core games? They've always had a few exclusives. Sony has always had more studios and more exclusives.

Kinect isn't hurting the 360.

gigaware2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

It's like a hospital nursery in here. Is it ging to be like this in every Kinect article?

PS3 fans are like evil Mushi not even Ginko can get rid of.

lelo2play2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

WTF... if you don't like or care about it, then stop commenting on Kinect articles. Always the same stupid comments on every Kinect article. WE ALREADY KNOW THAT YOU GUYS DISLIKE KINECT. Bunch of trolls with a lot of free time. They seem jealous. There is a very thin line between love and hate.

Like it or not, you simply can't ignore it.

As for Kinect... I'm not buying it on launch but I'm curious about it... wait and see what comes from it.

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sofocado2758d ago

I will give it a chance. I pre-order it from amazon. I will keep playing Alan Wake and Halo the way I played it bofore with the controller.

VenomProject2758d ago

I'm a gamer, not an idiot that jumps around in front of my tv.

maniacmayhem2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

How do we know that, you could be lying for all we know tough guy.

isn't it funny how people keep saying they will look like idiots if they use Kinect. its as if they are playing this in the middle of Time Square and not the privacy of their own homes. Stop being self conscience and experience some new things if you’re brave enough. Or are you in HiGh ScHooL and you care what other people think?

VenomProject2758d ago

Yup, you got me. I host Kinect parties with giant animatronic elephants and ponchos.

Curses, foiled again.

iistuii2758d ago

Guitar hero, wii sports all these games require you to do things behind closed doors that you wouldn't maybe admit to, but great fun they are. I enjoy Nothing more than playing Rockband pissed out my head, can't wait to try the same with Kinect and yeah I still enjoy playing all the so called hardcore games, I'll play anything on any system.

VenomProject2758d ago

No, Rock Band and Guitar Hero is playing a game, using a peripheral that does not involve jumping, moving, or waving of the hands.

Kinect and a plastic guitar are two totally different peripherals, friend.

One makes you look like a moron, and the other makes you look like less of a moron.

iistuii2758d ago

You ain't been round my house when we've all had a crate of beer pretending to be Slash, plenty of waving of all sorts. Or should I sit still on my sofa holding a controller with a deep voice saying " I only play hardcore man" ? Would that be more hardcore and manly for ya. Sigh

maniacmayhem2758d ago

Hahaha oh the hilarity...

So playing with a fake plastic guitar with bright colored buttons rockin out to Greenday is less moronic than the other?

And i have yet to see anyone not move around while playing Rock Band or GH and pretend they're actually playing at the Warfield opening up for Blink 182.

Baka-akaB2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

everyone looks like an idiot while playing . You can argue all you want , even those without facial ticks , tongues sticking out , odd gestures and angry fits , just look weird when looked at .

How you look should be the least of your worries , with that simple fact in mind .

If you have issues with kinect (wich i still do) , have them because of its current and upcoming library of games , nothing else .

Kanadajin2758d ago

So playing guitar makes you look like a moron? Maybe playing air guitar when you don't know how to hold a real guitar might.

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Dnied2758d ago

Honestly, if you're a gamer you'd be open to new ideas for games. If they can somehow make some core games that appeal to you, or me, I don't see "jumping around like an idiot" a reason to not try it...

Kanadajin2758d ago

Looks like they are swatting bees in front of their face.

tinybigman2758d ago

that video is more than enough for me to know not to waste $150 on this camera lol.

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