Why Treyarch Are Prepared To Make This The Best Call of Duty Yet

When Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare first came out, no one knew how dominant the game would become. No one could have guessed how much it dominated the market, and changed the shape and image of the first person shooter genre entirely. Now, two games have passed since then, and we have yet to see an improvement on the core gameplay Cod4 put down. But something tells me that if any game can do it, it looks like Black Ops can, and will.

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JeffGUNZ2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Nicely written and agreed 100%. MW2 was so unbalanced and a joke to play. I mean, you should never die, then respawn and die before you move, then respawn and die again, repeat. It's a joke. Chopper gunner is so over powered. I mean, come on, when a choppergunner, pavelow, or AC130 is called in, you might as well just stand still in a corner and wait for it to end because the second you move outside you're dead. Commando, awful. Noob-tube with one man army and danger close has absolutely RUINED objective based games (ie sabatoge, demolition and HQ). All game modes are a glorified Team Deathmatch. Game is terrible compared to COD4 and I honestly have seen Black ops beta at the same level of COD4 and I think after the community gets a hold of it, it will surpass the excellence of COD4.

Trust me, that is saying a lot.

theonlylolking2669d ago

Best call of duty on 1 disc. From what peeps have said the black ops campaign is shorter and more linear than MW2's. So they took out stuff in SP to add stuff in zombies and MP. I still think this will be the greatest COD ever though.

MysticStrummer2669d ago

It's nice that they are prepared to make it the best CoD yet. Hopefully they felt the same way before they actually made it.

gypsygib2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Article nailed the problems with MW2 right on the head. I was so surprised how disappointing MW2 in terms of SP and MP as COD4 was incredible. I sold MW2 2 months after I bought it.