Blood Drive unlikely to see Australasian release

New Zealand-based developers Sidhe have stated their vehicular combat title Blood Drive is unlikely to be released in either Australia or New Zealand

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lzim2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

I thought once the PM left the rules changed?

WAIT!!! hold a trip, this game is made by Sidhe? What a crying shame! from Shatter to this?! I just lost all faith in the gaming industry right there.

darkdoom30002818d ago

^ yeah... they have an interesting development history. They done rugby leauge and barbie games too.

I sorta wanted to buy it to support them, but its not even comming out in NZ! The country of origin! And NZ has lax game laws, auzzie always ruins our fun. :(

Quagmire2818d ago

Imo, they need to make more ambitious titles like Shatter, no more licensed/sports games and no games similar to other concepts (Blood Drive < Twisted Metal).

They should look at thatgamecompany for inspiration next time.