Kinect Vs. Move: Sony Has Nothing To Worry About (RunDLC)

On paper, Microsoft’s Kinect is the revolutionary product that will propel the video game industry into a new age. This also means that Sony is in big trouble, since its Move controller is little more than a Wii remote, or so people say. Over the course of the next 24 hours, we’ll see hundreds and perhaps thousands of happy consumers lining up to purchase the device, then read reports of how it’s sold out everywhere. And yet, Sony can only shrug, because at this point, there’s little reason to worry about Kinect.

Phil Spencer (RunDLC)

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MeatPopsicle2814d ago

"On paper, Microsoft’s Kinect is the revolutionary product that will propel the video game industry into a new age"


'On paper' Kinetic is a copy of Sony's last gen Eye Toy motion control tech...

ConanOBrien2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

1.) Kinect has 3 sensors, PSEYE does not.

2.) Kinect lets you navigate your xmb and video content with just your hand. PSEYE does not.

3.) Kinect lets you navigate your XMB games and video content using just your voice it also has voice recognition. PSEYE does not.

4.) Kinect has facial recognition. PSEYE does not.

5.) Kinect tracks your body in 3D space WITHOUT A CONTROLLER. PSYE needs the move in your hand to do this.

6.) Kinect games have better graphics than the games for the pseye or eye toy.

If Kinect was the same as PSEye, Sony should've sued Microsoft long time ago. Kinect takes motion control beyond PSEye. Show me a link or two to disagree on the above FACTS, otherwise you're just guessing or dreaming.

Only the blindfull will mad and disagree ------------------------------ ------------here-->

ryuzu2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

a) When Eyetoy was first out (that's what Kinect is being compared to, it's nowhere near Move), there wasn't much in the way of media to navigate, but in game it was used to navigate things just like Kinect does.

b) XMB is the PS3's interface, Kinect can't do anything with that!

c) Kinect may let you do all those things, but it can be done MUCH faster and easier with an amazing futuristic piece of technology called..... a controller. Amzing eh?


Oner2814d ago


Have all either been shown/done on the EyeToy thus is absolutely possible with the PSEye.

#6 is just a bold face opinionated lie.

jneul2814d ago

Do any of the games in here look familiar

darthv722814d ago

It doesnt matter who did it first. What matters is who can sell it better. Right now MS has that edge because of all the $$ they are putting in to it.

The games may be laughable now but there will be better ones to come. It is like that with every console or add on. The first batch of sega cd games werent as good as the ones later on.

Stop comparing it to the eyetoy. If anything, people need to check their facts and look at the live vision camera as the direct competitor to eyetoy. PSeye has evolved from the eyetoy and added new features.

Kinect also evolved but has surpassed pseye from the technical aspect. Whether or not we will see realization of those specs is now up to the developers.

I have been saying this all along. Kinect is only related to the 360 and sony fans and wii fans have nothing to worry about.

Stop all this insecurity people.

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Longrod_Von_Hugendon2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Bye-bye Kinect you worthless Eyetoy ripoff.

blackburn52814d ago

He made a good point in saying Eyetoy worked. You see that is were people keep making the mistake. Even if Kinect 'works', that doesn't remove its limitations. People are happy that Microsoft is going to get rich with Kinect without even stopping to think what they are getting in return. All their games are copies of each other, so what are you going to do? Buy all 4 dance games? All 3 mini sports games? 2 board games? People keep claiming that the hardcore games will win it for them but it sounds basically to be a controller in your hand with a few Kinect gestures thrown in. So you are welcome to disagree but I am not still not sure how running in place or playing Ping Pong with your hand or pretending to have items is a 'step up' as people claim it to be.

Killed4Less2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

But it didn't work and the consumers answered and that's why it failed to continue support beyond a few launch games.

If Kinect can make it to the second wave of games it's already trumped the 2D EyeToy web cam.

You are simply selling the device short at every opportunity you can. While you play Start the Party-Kung Fu-TV Superstar-Wii-Like-Party games on Move but you aren't smashing the panic button. And don't give me the crap about Move supporting core titles when Kinect has core titles like Panzer Dragoon and Steel Battalions on the horizon.

Killed4Less2814d ago

Oh man, I feel so much better now and I'm sure %99 of the population of N4G feels better now too..

Phew! That was a close one.

btk2814d ago

Ping Pong....

When Ping Pong for the EyeToy was released, it used hands instead of a controller. The Kinect Ping Pong / Table Tennis works exactly the same.

Table Tennis for Move works like real Table Tennis. Works a lot better than the EyeToy / Kinect Table Tennis.

Move has nothing to worry about Kinect. Kinect games will never be on the same level of responsiveness or accuracy that Move. It is that simple. Regardless of marketing PR or release day sales, it will never be on the same level of quality as the Move.

blackburn52814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Killed4Less you are wrong. It did work. Just watch the videos. The Eyetoy did exactly what it was advertised to do but the fact was that it became boring and any support for it showed it's limitations. If you look at the games they were so simple minded it became tedious. Kinect is no different. How many Kinect dance parties are you going to have? How many sports mini games are you going to play? How many pet games are you going to tolerate? I would more believe that Kinect had a future if they released games that weren't Wii or Eyetoy ripoffs. And could people please stop refering to the 'hardcore' games that you haven't seen gameplay for or how deep a game it is. A bunch of cut scenes and trailers prove nothing . Besides what you say refers to Move too. The next wave of games will be better too.

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