Call of Duty: Where Do We Go From Here?

Call of Duty: Black Ops releases in less than a week...however, with all the untold titles and content, where perhaps can we go from here?

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kdogdaddy2669d ago

I want some sword action in Call of Duty!

2668d ago
hennessey862668d ago

should be the next step. Not that disapearing bullshit on ghost recon but use actual machines that are feasable and may apear in the future

ZombieNinjaPanda2668d ago


You realize that active camouflage is something that is being studied correct?



Perfected isn't the word I would use to describe call of duty...

Vo_Cal2669d ago

Call of Duty: Raidens Revenge

Gambit072668d ago

Call of Duty: Duty Calls

Losi2669d ago

But the pterodactyl's! We need more pterodactyl's!

kdogdaddy2669d ago

Still, increased melee with swords, knives etc. in an ancient fashion would be an interesting addition.

Focker4202669d ago

The Civil War. Cannons, muskets. booze. I'm not saying as a full game, but they should start doing expansion packs or download titles. Like Battlefield 1943 but with the CoD gameplay.

LJCabo2se2669d ago

Nation at war is my fav in thoes.

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The story is too old to be commented.