Gran Turismo 5 Not Releasing December 5th

SystemLink: "Rumours have been flying round recently regarding the fact many retailers who have dared to put up a date have oddly converged on December 5th, leading many to speculate that this is the new GT5 release date."

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kharma452815d ago

At least with the game going gold it should be out before Christmas.

Well, hopefully.

zootang2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Do we get one of these for every day of the month?

Tommorrow: GT5 not releasing December 6th
Day after: GT5 not releasing December 7th

The wait is hard enough. Stop killing us with all this speculation. lol for the disagree, I giggled like a little girl.

irepbtown2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

We have to put a bit of the blame on shops. They say random dates that haven't even been confirmed. So our hopes go up, SONY/PD say its released later and we are all sad. If SONY/PD told us the date from the start (Like Nov but unfortunately delayed as you know), we know that's the date it will be released. Chances of it being delayed a second time are very slim as it has been given gold status.

But yeah, I WANT sony or PD to give us an official date. Its frustrating.

Elwenil2815d ago

It was reported on Oct. 14th that they missed the production deadline by 3 days. So let's say that was supposed to be the 11th, but I'll even got to the 10th for a little extra time. Now that is just over 3 weeks if they reported them missing the deadline promptly. So if they are in production as of yesterday, possibly a day or two before, I'd guess maybe Nov. 23rd or 30th at the earliest. Keep in mind this is just a guess with a lot of fudging since the data in inaccurate and I'm sticking with the typical Tuesday US release day. Hell, it's probably more accurate than what all these sites and retailers are spitting out. ;D

ryuzu2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Non-article. All we have is Kaz saying the disks are being pressed "as he spoke" yesterday.

Everything else is speculation - maybe Sony can't be sure yet because it depends on speed of pressing and shipping and they don't want to risk comitting to a date only to have to revise it again...

Either way, these guys know as much as us. I guess there may be an announcement at SEMA for the GT awards or to tie in with that later today.


stevenhiggster2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Why is this even news? And I love it how the title comes off like it's a fact that its not releasing on Dec 5th. And yet the whole article, all 3 sentences of it, are pretty much saying how this date is just a rumour so basically no one has said it will be the 5th, but no ones said it wont be the 5th either! So unless you know a release date for a fact, gtfo.

k-Lan2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

If GT5 has received gold status, it shouldn't take anywhere near a month for silk screening, assembly & shipping. The process is much quicker. I assume Sony manufactures their own games? If so, their turn around is 10 to 14 days. Sony should break the silence and provide their users with an official statement regarding where the project stands.

ryuzu2815d ago

I think you underestimate how many copies Sony has to make, for different regions and different versions.

Not only that, but this is a busy time of year with lots of other games and movies trying to get BDs pressed.

And like everything else, while Sony might be the biggest client of BDs - commercially speaking they can't just ignore the requirements and commitments of 3rd parties.


k-Lan2815d ago

You're underestimating how big Sony and their partners are.

The two week turn around i mentionned above includes 3rd party orders as no company who wants to stay in business ignores their clients no matter how big they are. Common sense really.

My question to you, how many bluray disks can Sony produce world wide in a single day? Choose either 25g or 50g, with or without packaging. Doesn't really matter.

stevenhiggster2815d ago

I cant really say I know much abou the process of making BD's but I'm pretty sure Sony will have more than one plant, and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take them more than a couple of weeks to produce 10mil copies across their different plants.

KiLLUMiNATi_892815d ago

It's officially gt5 will be release in 2050. Let's just sit tight and pray.

Kingmitch232815d ago

lol praying progressive thing to do

Domer252815d ago

Son-of-a..... well either way I have my pitchfork ready in January, just in case.

Heisenberg2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Allow me to translate.... "I have no news regarding GT5..... But please visit my useless piece of shit blog so I may waste your time further."

A message to the writer: Fuck off with this shit.

Oh and if you're one of the 15 that approved this garbage, I want you to promptly go fuck yourself. And then feel ashamed... Not for fucking yourself, but for approving said article.

visualb2815d ago

I approve this comment. 100% true in every way.

Jaces2815d ago

Would be funny if they pulled a Dreamcast, "It's out NOW!"


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Valay2815d ago

So... Who else is getting sick of all the release date speculation?

GamerSciz2815d ago

This website is confirming everything is just speculation and no one really knows. However I digress that we all already knew this information so not sure why someone needed to write 3 paragraphs and submit it as "news".

Aclay2815d ago

I'm sick and tired of all the release date speculation too. At this point I don't care what day it's coming out, as long as it's coming out in 2010 (and I think it will). Plus, with Kazunori Yamauchi confirming it's gone gold, none of these speculation articles mean anything to me anymore.

k-Lan2815d ago

Yamauchi also confirmed GT5 was finished and could be released at any time. How long ago was that? I would wait for an official statement from Sony. If it's not from Sony themselves, i wouldn't take the info seriously. IMO, they need to release this game before the holidays.

irepbtown2815d ago

To be fair, Kazunori Yamauchi said (in 2009) that it was 95% complete and they were just polishing it. Took a year of polishing and now is ready.

divideby02815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

I am getting more sick of the lames who approve these lame articles with no substance.

This site really needs a way to make this crap which is approved for this site more difficult

Beahmscream2815d ago

Haha this is getting comical!

chazjamie2815d ago

actually this is getting sad. i was supposed to be playing this game today

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