Gran Turismo 5 Could Be the Game of the Year for Anyone Owning this Beast

GB writes: "Gran Turismo 5 has seen countless delays, but we can always count on Polyphony Digital that in the end GT5 will be one of the best racing games this generation. Considering the fact that the amount of time invested in to GT5 is almost six years, we expect that the end product will be flawless. But what will make Gran Turismo 5 a beast is one of the most stunning peripheral that I came across today. It’s called Vision Racer and it will be fully compatible with Gran Turismo 5."

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cyborg2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Looks sweet

/curls up and cries coz he can't afford it

tinybigman2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

1 official delay for US/EU, and 2 for Japan counts as countless delays lol.

i understand but im a patience man and i still have some games to play and finish.

ryuzu2670d ago

Yeah, but ya know - it's been a long time, and there is an expectation that game iterations are 12 months for pro sports since EA have killed that sector, and other stuff is 2 - 3 years.

PD are a long way off the average scale with this release. They may as well give the game a new name since it's like a new IP rather than an iteration of an existing series now.


Fulensenca2670d ago

I think in japan has been delayed just once ;)

evrfighter2670d ago

lololol look at that puny tv.

is what a real driving simulator should look like.

FarEastOrient2670d ago

Wow, where can I get one. I wonder if there is a way to get the stick to switch sides for vehicles that have in on the right hand.

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ryuzu2670d ago


GOTY, but GOTY for which year - obvious j/k is obvious I know.

Come on Sony, let's have a firm date eh?


Boody-Bandit2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

are a lot cheaper.
Personally I have a friend that has the vision racer and I don't like it even a little bit. There is no adjustments other than a slider to move you seat back and forth and having to wrap your legs around an obstruction at that price is huge let down. There is no adjustability for your wheel height or angle. The wheel stand and shifter mount has flex.

You can pick up a playseat for a quarter of the cost of the VR3 and it's a lot more versatile.

I have a playseat but I also have a DIY with a real racing seat. Both were a fraction of the price of the Vision Racer 3. The cheapest route to go is simply mount a wheel to a PC desk and drop the pedals on the floor in front of you.

Or you can pick up a sheet of MDF board, a couple of 1x1's or 2x2's, a can of paint, used car seat from a junkyard and build your own for $100 bucks.

My next racing pod will probably be the gamepod Evo from . It's roughly the same price as the VR3 and a lot more verstaile and with a lot cooler racing seat.

Boody-Bandit2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

This is how I will be rocking GT5.
Minus the playseat. I don't feel right turning laps in GT5 on a Forza 3 signature playseat. ;) My new pod is almost completed with a real racing seat now.

Boody-Bandit2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

If you are referring to the image I linked in my post above? Yes, that is mine. I am constantly making upgardes to it. I just received a new racing seat for it and I am going to purchase a 46" 3D display hopefully before GT5 hits.

MurerDk2670d ago

yes looks sweet.. but i can strongly recommend playseat as a alternative solution.. watch my profile pic or facebook>Playseat> there i have a hires pic of my setup in gallery :)

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halocursed2670d ago

How much does this cost? It looks sick...

GamerSciz2670d ago

$1295 and the LCD stand only holds up to a 32" TV I believe. I myself will be playing on a 46" mounted on my wall and I have the playseat evolution instead.

shazui1232670d ago

A 46" for that viewing distance would be HORRIBLE. Why on earth would you sit a fixed 5 feet away from a 46" tv??? For a viewing distance of ~ 5 feet you want about a 26" tv. Here, read this

For the record I'm playing GT5 on my 50" Kuro from Pioneer :)

GamerSciz2670d ago

I know that's why I am saying that by using the LCD stand that it comes with that your are losing on a big screen TV. Plus unless you have the money for it that would be your only TV and you'd have to sit in the seat just watch. Doesn't seem practical.

shazui1232670d ago

This whole product issn't practical, it's heavy as f*** expensive as f*** and needs more room than freakin kinect.

Valay2670d ago

Wow. That's cool and all, but I'm just interested in the game!

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