Medal of Honor DLC is broken

Yesterday, Medal of Honor fans patently waited for the Free DLC to drop, called “Clean Sweep.” Fans of the game have been waiting for this DLC to drop because it is the only game mode that does not allow respawning. One life is all you get. It is a throwback to the original multiplayer greats like Socom.

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riderofpl4gues2790d ago

it still is doing that detract skill thing

BubbleSystemSuck2790d ago

lol... poor noobs...
you really are Skill Level 3000+, but after playing some Clean Sweep, you are back to 1000... and 1000 ranked player will play with you.


RBlaze2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

... It's the entire game.

All they needed to do was get rid of one hit kill Sniper rifles or force only chest/neck/headshots for one hit kills and it could've been great.

Instead... It is broken.

I think BF:BC2 still holds the multiplayer crown tbh

EDIT (@ 'jriquelme' below):

Well, if the rifle is high calibre I can understand a one hit 'kill' for any hit even limb. But I don't understand how they can have a footshot to kill (and it does in MoH) with a rifle... yet pump a 3 round burst with an assault rifle or a heavy machine gun into someone's chest on that game and they are still standing! How can they allow one and not the other?!

BubbleSystemSuck2790d ago

maybe... i have about 305 hours in Badco2...
I like MoH, and enjoyed.. got my platinum, prety easy... but MoH need fix a lot of things.

The sniper remember me the Magnum Sniper in Counter Strike, LOL... headshot, or foot shot... one shot, one kill

2Spock2790d ago

This is not surprising is it? Considering how broken the game is.

Deputydon2790d ago

The AWP in counter strike wasn't a 1 hit kill if you got hit in the lower legs/feet.

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Beahmscream2790d ago

Who still plays this game? After 3 days I was sick of it..

AKA2790d ago

Are still playing the game and few COD nerds are still in untill the COD.

Cut the BS off the game is good not great but for sure better than COD .

realplayer822790d ago

moh is mediocre imo. Black Ops will have more customization and it will be way more deep. Plus Black Ops has co op and a better sp hopefully. Moh was a huge letdown fr me felt thrown tgether

BloodyNapkin2790d ago


This has to be the worst and easiest FPS i have played in a while. Every single COD game is by far better than this piece of trash. And if you are a fan of this game, then i am just sorry. The last game i played i went 64-3 and scored like 3,700 points, and at the end of the game i dropped -12 in skill this was combat mission game type.

Utalkin2me2790d ago

I bet "AKA" is from the UK....

blahblahblah22790d ago

64-3 withh 3700 points huh?

I went 50-1 on combat mission earlier and only managed to rake in 2200 points. This includes all the defensive actions except cruise missile. I gained about 73 point iirc.

Don't believe you.

Worst FPS? Not by far. Mediocre? Yes extremely.

MW2 I can go 25-0 easily and I just won the match. Thats easy.

irepbtown2790d ago

You're joking about COD right?

COD is probably one of the worst FPS out (I am considering the hype). MoH Has its faults but COD is alot, i mean, ALOT worse than MoH.

COD4 is the only good COD, i think even ONE of the best FPS. The others were trash.

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frankymv2790d ago

Yea, I played for for about 2 weeks. Now it sits in the box as trade bait for black ops.

Soldierone2790d ago

Aww was it too hard? how cute. Dont worry Black Ops will be out soon for you.

LazyDevs2790d ago

That's funny Soldier One. For a minute i thought you was being serious about you or someone thinking MOH is hard. I understand you was being sarcastic. Cause it is by far the easiest game i have ever played.

I mean the auto aim tracks people behind walls, you can kill people with any weapon all the way across the map including shotgun. You can watch spawns all the way across the map and snipe people as they spawn. No bullet spread for sub machine guns or saws. The saws really have no recoil, just hold down the fire and sweep sided to side. And do not get me started on the sniping with one shot hits, in legs or feet. And the extra point bonuses for headshoting from further distances.

I could really go on and on. But i think people get the point. And don't worry i am highly anticipating Black Ops after having the sh!tty taste of this game in my mouth.

2Spock2790d ago

Too Hard? My dog can play this game and be good at it. The game takes no skill what so ever to be good at it. Maybe that's why some people are defending it, and cry when the get owned in COD.

Sam Fisher2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

ea is broken. hell, the world is broken..... ima go kill myself now....-_-...

Vip3r2790d ago

Making the HMV trade in deal all the more tempting.

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