Amazon Deal of the Day : FFXIII for $18.99

Amazon has a well…amazing deal for today. You can get Final Fantasy XIII for the cool price of $18.99.

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cyborg2665d ago

and trust me, it's not half as bad as people make it out to be.

kaveti66162665d ago

Maybe you shouldn't have such high expectations, then.

I stayed away from this game because too many people were calling it garbage on this site, but I go outside and talk to people and most of them like it.

That's the big problem with this site. There's a concentration of single-minded elitists who feel entitled to something they don't deserve in the first place.

I bet this game is pretty damn good, but some weasel will pop out momentarily to tell me how it sucks compared to their warped nostalgic experience with FF7.

PinchoVe2665d ago

and disappointing, and a disgrace for the FF series, i swear i dont understand whats going on with Squenix, just one disappointment after the other

Cold 20002665d ago

Yeah if it wouldnt have had "Final Fantasy" on the box it would have been perfectly ok.

raWfodog2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

...especially for that price. I got it for $20 when amazon had this same deal a little while ago. Haven't finished playing it yet but it's definitely more linear/different than any other FF game I'm used to. But I'm still interested in how this story turns out and I will keep playing to the very end :)

Like Cold 2000 said, this being a "Final Fantasy" game is what caused the backlash. Don't expect too much from it.

Eamon2665d ago

Exactly. If it was named something else, nobody would care.

It's because the reputation of the Final Fantasy series has been very high, everyone had high expectations.

And mainly the fans that had the highest out of everyone since we've been playing FF games since the old days of Squaresoft.

Toenado2665d ago

Without the FF label it would be a decent game. But it is not a good FF game. It has very little in common with the core Ideas that made me a huge fan of the series.

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Gue12665d ago

it has an amazing soundtrack... If you like ultra linear shallow gameplay but amazing presentation then this is the game for you and for 20 buck you can't go wrong.

despair2665d ago

the gameplay is not shallow, it can be simple and accessible to garner a wider audience but it has some real depth if you don't just choose auto. I don't like the limited level up options though, I mean strength, magic and HP are not enough options.

darthawesome902665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Was nothing in comparison to its predecessors. None of the songs moved me or had me humming the song. I can't wait to play Dissidia 2 so everyone will be able to listen to all of the greatest songs of FF and say wow XIII was a stinker. (In comparison)

Greek God2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

its a good game
but horrible FF

-boring last boss imo
-f*** LINEAR corridor
-1 open area only
-LINEAR corridors
-did i mention LINEAR corridors?

ForNgoods2665d ago

then i cant argue with you. The game might have been good had it not been the name on the cover.

solar2665d ago

$9.99 and you got a deal.

Imperator2665d ago

The game was nowhere near what was promised at first and that's why it's so disappointing. Whether you believe it or not, going multiplat did indeed hinder this game.

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darkeva932665d ago

While not the best game, you certainly can't go wrong with that price. Worth picking up if you haven't yet.

Killzone3Helghast2665d ago

yeah it is completely underwhelming but once you get to a certain point it does get better. Although I'd have much more fun playing Final Fantasy 4,8,9,10 for example

Death Row2665d ago

good price for those that didn't buy it yet

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